Five Actors You Didn’t Know Turned Down DC Film Roles

Five Actors You Didn’t Know Turned Down DC Film Roles

You would think an actor turning down a role that’s well known to fans, like a role in the DC universe, would be career suicide, but then you can always take a look at how that’s gone thus far. The DC movies that some actors have been offered a chance to star in and have passed on really haven’t gone anywhere special so maybe it was a blessing in disguise for their careers. In some cases a few actors were no doubt kicking themselves but others were possibly breathing a sigh of relief after they saw the films come out and dive bomb at the box office. It’s hard to tell just what a movie’s going to do until its release but even if an actor is pumped up to do the role the final say usually comes from the director or someone of equal importance on the set.

Even if they want the part it’s not a guarantee that they’ll ever get it.

5. Jaime Alexander-Wonder Woman

The fiery-tempered woman that played the Lady Sif in the Thor movies was approached for the role of the Amazonian princess but declined. She had read the script and decided that the direction that Wonder Woman was being taken in was not her favorite. Jaime even admitted to having read the comic and stated that she didn’t believe that the movie went into enough detail about who Diana was. In her estimation it was as though they had turned her into a mythological swimsuit model.

4. Jon Hamm-Green Lantern

Things certainly couldn’t have gotten any worse for the casting of this hero. Personally I like Ryan Reynolds, but the good-two shoes act really isn’t what he’s great at. Now when he went to play Deadpool, that’s classic and that’s Reynolds. But Hamm just wasn’t interested despite being approached several times. It could have been the big break he needed but in retrospect it could have been another squandered opportunity.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio-Robin

This isn’t the first superhero role that DiCaprio turned down since he was approached to play Spider-man as well. But he’s the type that picks his roles every carefully and he wasn’t into this type of part at that time so he decided to say no. It was probably better that he did since Batman and Robin tanked so hard that it was kind of a struggle for the actors to gain back their credibility for a while.

2. Kristin Stewart-Lois Lane

Fatigue from having just come off of her Twilight fame played a big factor in Stewart declining a role in a DC movie since she was just flat out tired and needed some time to relax. She opted instead to play the part of Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman, which was still another big production but wasn’t nearly on the same scale as Man of Steel.

1. Robin Williams-The Riddler

Williams was up for three different turns at playing a Batman villain and turned away from all of them. There’s a bit of controversy about this stating that Jim Carrey was picked over him, but many people still believe he just declined to play the role. Seeing how the Schumacher version of Batman just flat out tanked that might not have been a bad thing.

To be quite honest all of these actors likely made the right decision to avoid DC movies, not because it’s DC, but because the movies in question didn’t do that well.

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