First Impressions of the Premiere of The Bold Type

First Impressions of the Premiere of The Bold Type

First Impressions of the Premiere of The Bold Type

Well, most of this summer’s television season premieres have touched the TV screen, and now the reviews and opinions are beginning to roll in from professional critics and fans alike. One show that seems to be garnering a great deal of fanfare and critical acclaim is the series The Bold Type which is based on the remarkable life of the editor in chief of Cosmopolitan magazine, Joanna Coles. The provides a glimpse into the outrageous lives of three friends that produce experiences that span the globe of reality. When it comes to producing a storyline that is multidimensional, The Bold Type may be the best representation of that out of all of the 2017 series premiers.

The show has the edge of a journalism drama, but it is more than that. Throw in the sensual appeal of Sex in the City and you are starting to warm up. The show’s producers and writers go to great lengths to keep the multi-dimensional dynamic in play, and the vast majority of the time they are able to pull it off. It provides a look into the complex lives of a very influential person, which introduces the world to her humanity and that of her closest friends.

While male bonding has become a catch phrase, the truth is that female bonding can be a significantly more complex dynamic – providing a much more interesting plot. The show was created by Parenthood writer, Sara Watson, and the focus of her creation is to continue placing the central trio of women in scenarios that appear eerily similar to other shows but then producing to clearly different angle from which to view the situation. It is definitely fresh content during an era when everything seems to be the same.

Another unique approach to the presentation of this show is the fact that almost every situation that the women find themselves in ends either on a bittersweet or unresolved note.

One of the elements that really provides credibility and validity to this new series is the manner in which it provides a lucid view of just how journalism is produced in 2017. It goes into how upper-echelon magazines are able to produce the content that they produce and sustain the budgets that they have that allow them to effectively place their content in front of those they most want to impress.

Another important dynamic that is being explored here where other shows would not dare to tread is the serious examination of the career choices of each of the women, and whether these career choices are serving to get them any closer to their ultimate dreams. There are literally millions of Americans who can relate to this dilemma. People get up every morning going to jobs that they hate and at the end of the day, they still are not fulfilled. This show goes to great lengths to examine the force behind this type of career choice.

You would probably think that this is a show that cast the male species in a negative light, but to the contrary, it almost gives me significantly more slack than we often deserve. The presents men as all women see them as – friends, lovers, foils and unpredictable x-factors. If the entire series will be like the premier, The Bold Type is definitely a bright spot for 2017.

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