Fan Theory: Beetlejuice Could Connect to Any Multiverse

Fan Theory: Beetlejuice Could Connect to Any Multiverse

Fan Theory: Beetlejuice Could Connect to Any Multiverse

How far can the dead go when it comes to one universe or another? It’s a decent question since the dead don’t really have as many limits as the living unless a writer wants to place one or two limits on the spirit in question. But if all rules were off and all inhibitions were cast to the side then it stands to reason that the dead could do just about anything, go anywhere, and interact with any multiverse that they wanted, right? That’s the theory at least, and it makes sense in a way since the veil between the multiverses can be pierced occasionally, and when companies feel the need they do share their properties to up sales and to make things interesting. Beetlejuice is one of the many characters that might keep things interesting and even comical if he were allowed to traverse the pathways from one multiverse to another. Some might want to scoff at the very notion that this would be up for debate, but the fact is this: Beetlejuice has a couple of things going for him that would make it possible for him to not only make the trip between one multiverse and another but also withstand an encounter with many individuals he might encounter. 

For one, he’s dead. That kind of trumps a lot of things that many beings might do to him since the type of damage that living beings might worry about isn’t necessarily going to apply to Beetlejuice since any damage he incurs is either going to be negligible, or it’s going to get him sent to the waiting room once again. The rules for his ultimate demise aren’t exactly clear since it would appear that he’s going to keep coming back again and again for reasons that would need to be thought up simply because fans might want to see a definitive reason why this wouldn’t be possible. 

From a legal standpoint, it’s not possible, that much is certain, but if such a thing were allowed to happen it does feel that Beetlejuice might be kind of an odd threat, especially when considering that while the character is dangerous, he’s more of a deadly prankster than a truly terrifying demon. Or is he? What was seen in the Tim Burton movie feels as though it was meant for simple comedy, even if it did get a little dark. But trying to think of what else Beetlejuice could do is kind of interesting, especially since his cartoonish nature might keep a lot of people on their toes and even back a few of them up by thinking that this character could do a great deal of damage. There are a lot of questions when it comes to what would happen and who would actually take Beetlejuice seriously. Then there are the questions of whether the character would even go that far since he has a very cavalier attitude about his own interactions with the living, and what could and couldn’t be allowed. It does feel that sense Beetlejuice is capable of warping the reality around him that he could be a very dangerous individual, and could easily surpass many characters within the DC or Marvel universes

Adding onto that, it might be that only the more powerful and magically inclined could do anything to him, and even then it’s tough to say what might happen. Trying to think of Beetlejuice’s ability to bedevil the heroes and villains of the various comic book worlds is kind of intriguing since it would be kind of silly but also interesting to see him go up against various characters that might give him a challenge. Those that can warp reality around themselves and others are particularly dangerous since their ability can be passive or aggressive, and in the case of Beetlejuice, it definitely feels aggressive since there’s a level of control to the things he does that indicates this. He knows how to control his abilities, and the power he displays might appear kind of comical in the 1988 movie, but it does make him stand out in a way that classifies him as a serious threat when he decides to be. 

In dealing with the Maitland’s he’s more or less holding back quite a bit given that he needs someone to say his name three times to free him from the spirit realm, and apparently he needs to be married to make it permanent. These are kind of strange and arbitrary rules to be certain, but if they do keep him in check then they are important. But thinking about what he could do if he gained his complete freedom makes one think that if he followed the rules he was bound by, Beetlejuice might not be forced to hold back any longer, and he might be able to go anywhere he wanted to. 

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