Fan Art Transforms John Wick into a Rick and Morty Character

Fan Art Transforms John Wick into a Rick and Morty Character

Well, the question of what happens when you morph Rick and John Wick into a single character seems to be answered by Dan Zinski from ScreenRant, and the answer we’re given is nothing short of nightmarish since this representation is more than a little disturbing. Plus, when you remember the brutal scene with the pencil from the second movie and the manner in which he dispatched two assassins in that same movie you can’t help but grin, laugh, or even roll your eyes at the inclusion of the pencil character in this work of art. The suggestive nature of its anatomy makes the scene a little dirtier which would be perfect for Rick and Morty, but would be almost comical for John Wick since his gritty, pulse-pounding and and hard-hitting style seems to indicate a lack of humor rather than an abundance.

Seeing John depicted like this really does bring to mind the Baba Yaga description that he’s given in the movies since John is by far and large one of the scariest characters in the story since no matter the damage that’s done to him it seems like he keeps on coming and isn’t about to stop until he’s dead. The figure in the picture only exacerbates the Baba Yaga label since he looks, in this version, as though he might be able to scare the living hell out of a person and make them not want to fight before ever getting close enough to lock up with them. In the movies it’s been kind of obvious that those that don’t fear John Wick either have roughly the same skill level or think that they do and are willing to try the man in order to see just how good he really is. Funny enough though in the third movie a few of the assassins really were that good, but due to whatever code of conduct they seem to follow they were more interested in sparring with him at time than they were in getting the job done.

It’s a bit obvious in the movies that John is wounded, he’s tired, and he’s likely in constant pain, but one would think that an assassin is bound to simply get in and get the job done without the need to talk, to play games, or to dally in any way when it comes to completing the contract. The idea that this is John Wick, the master assassin, the one man that warrants more attention than so many others, is great and all, but in the world of the assassin the job usually seems to come first while the need for conversation is left for a time when the job is either just about to be finished or has been done and put behind the individual. Simon Abrams from The Hollywood Reporter might agree that it’s hard to equate an assassin with someone that feels the need to be chatty and congratulatory to their fellow killers since quite honestly it seems like a very macabre and foolish thing to do in the middle of a fight. Plus, giving a man like John Wick the chance to fight back is akin to arming one’s prey and expecting to still overcome them in some way. There’s also the thought that if an entire city filled with assassins that want to collect the bounty on Wick’s head can’t bring him down, then how in the world does one individual think that they’re going to slip in and do the job that dozens of others couldn’t? So many times now it seems that John Wick should have been overwhelmed and taken down, but for some reason those that are sent after or against him seem to forget that he’s made a living out of getting out of tight spaces and killing whoever stands again him.

This isn’t the first time that Wick has been inserted into another venue since he’s become a meme as well and been placed in other situations where his mere reputation was enough to earn a good laugh since his affinity for dogs and for avenging his loss against those that cross him has become a movie legend that grew overnight it seemed and gained a large number of followers that are even now awaiting the fourth installment of the John Wick legend that will hopefully see him take down the High Table or at least put it on notice that he’s not to be messed with any longer. That’s just one theory, and a hope, that might be added to others in the coming months as people continue to theorize just how things are going to go when the next movie comes out. Until then we’ll be analyzing the current movies and gladly chuckling at any representation of the famed assassin that comes to bear now and again.

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