Why “The Expanse” Is The Most Underrated Sci-Fi Show On TV

Why “The Expanse” Is The Most Underrated Sci-Fi Show On TV

It’s already on its 3rd season and people still doesn’t seem to notice it as much. There’s a reason why SyFy keeps the show on. Expanse is more than good, and it’s probably the most underrated sci-fi show on TV. It goes without saying that there aren’t a lot of worthy sci-fi shows currently anyway. Besides Westworld and Stranger Things, the list is quite short. The Expanse is right up there with those two shows, even though their cast didn’t have the star power to even compete. Here are some of the reasons why “The Expanse” will stand today as TV’s most underrated sci-fi show.

It’s on SyFy

People just don’t take SyFy seriously. We understand that it’s the same network that produced and released the Sharknado series, but some people actually liked those movies. It’s hard when you’re competing with HBO and Netflix, but SyFy’s got something good going on with The Expanse. It might be the beginning of a complete rebranding, which the network needs terribly if you ask us. But SyFy should be the premiere destination for sci-fi to begin with. The Expanse is just one of the shows that can bring that status back to SyFy, but there are others: The Magicians, Wynonna Earp, Krypton, and a few more.

It has strong female leads

This is not a raised fist in solidarity, but the truth is sci-fi doesn’t have a lot of really strong female leads. The Expanse has that and more. The characters in the show are fantastic–they’re complex and they’re smart. Unlike shows where females have to literally boob it all out for the story, these female leads don’t need to do that. Also, they’re in space so they probably shouldn’t. We also can’t fail to mention the impressive performances of the rest of the cast including Thomas Jane’s and Steven Strait’s.

Speaking of the story

As far as the storyline goes, you really can’t get any better when it comes to a show about space. It’s about colonization (hence the name); it’s about politics. It’s about humanity in general, and who cannot relate? It’s intergalactic living 200 years into the future, and we probably couldn’t have imagined it any other way. Earth and Mars are in war with each other, and all we can say is that the writers have done an excellent job in making all that seem believable.

CGI at its best

Everything about this show is not real, obviously, but somehow we sit on our couch week after week feeling like the time of living in space is already upon us. Either SyFy is spending a ton of money to get its CGI beyond expectations or they just have a really good CGI artist on staff. The effects on the show are so realistic; it goes really well with the excellent acting. The flow is absolutely seamless.

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