Are We Ever Going to See a Riddick 4?

Are We Ever Going to See a Riddick 4?

At the moment it would appear that we should be seeing a Riddick 4 in the years to come, perhaps even sooner than we think, but what it will be about is still up in the air since no one is giving up any real plot details other than the most broad and possibly expansive when it comes to the setting. One thing that is known about Riddick is that he’s been a fan favorite ever since he first arrived in Pitch Black, a scifi horror film that was considered to be pretty good and innovative but not altogether great since it featured a few relative unknowns and a few other actors that were known but didn’t seem ready for the big screen. Of course it had Radha Mitchell and Keith David as well as Vin Diesel, but for the most part the majority of the cast had been supporting characters throughout their careers leading up to that point. But the part of Riddick is what helped to launch Vin Diesel into a new level of fame when it came to this series. Whether the upcoming movie will be a prequel or origin story is uncertain, but one thing anyone can be sure about is that it will be highly anticipated by fans.

There are a few things to think about when it comes to Riddick 4.

If it’s an origin story it could feature other actors to stand in as a young Riddick.

Recall from Pitch Black that Riddick relayed that he’d been found with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, supposedly strangled to death. His race, the Furians, had been wiped off the face of Furia by the Necromongers, who he met in The Chronicles of Riddick and subsequently went to war against. If it is an origin story then it would be best to show the progression of Riddick through his younger years to see just what made a man like him and how he became such a hardened criminal. There had to be something that turned him into the dark individual he became, and something that had to keep him from turning absolutely evil since as any fan would know Riddick is not an all-around bad guy. He does have a sense of morality after all, or Jack and every other person would have been dead in Pitch Black. Also, he would have simply killed anyone and everyone he came across in The Chronicles of Riddick rather than giving some of them a chance. Something turned Riddick into a killer, but something held him back from becoming absolute evil as well, and it would be interesting to find out what.

The prequel could give a view of Furia that we haven’t seen yet.

All we really know about Furians and Furia is that they were hard people that  came from a place that bred generations of them. It was alluded in The Chronicles of Riddick that Furians were naturally hot-tempered and didn’t like to give way to anyone, so it’s easy to assume why they would be eradicated by the Necromongers rather than turned en masse. They were too much of a threat, and as Riddick said to the character that Judi Dench played, “Lady they don’t know what to do with just one of me.”. That lets you know that Furians were not to be messed with in this universe unless those that bothered had an entire legion behind them with superior firepower. They almost sound like the otherworldly versions of Spartans when they’re spoken of, especially when the Necromongers seem to fear them and the energy they carry with them. It’s not hard to imagine a whole army of men and women like Riddick laying waste to an enemy army if they got good and riled, especially if they had that energy blast that affects everyone but them. Remember how it didn’t affect the Necromonger herald? He was a Furian that had been turned, and the blast didn’t affect him in the least.

There’s supposedly a TV show coming out about Riddick as well and Vin Diesel is producing it.

It might not be the same since Vin likely wouldn’t be playing the lead role but it could be a lead-in to the movies, an origin into a prequel of a prequel sort of showing Riddick as a young man. This could explain a lot of things that would take at least two to three movies to get through and it’s a safe bet that fans would absolutely love it. The only downside would be that it might destroy some of the mystery that’s gone into the character, but seeing as how some fans really want to know what makes a person like Riddick it would probably still be embraced.

Riddick is a character that hasn’t been in discussion for a while, but people are ready to see him on screen again.

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