10 Things You Didn’t Know about Erendira Ibarra

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Erendira Ibarra

Erendira Ibarra

A lot of people might need a refresher on who Erendira Ibarra is but a quick search will show that she’s a talented individual that has done a few very notable things in her career thus far and has gained recognition because of it. While it’s not entirely possible to know everything about every celebrity in show business it’s usually quite easy to look and find out whatever you’d like to know about any of them. Sometimes with a simple search it’s easy to find out very interesting tidbits about people that you might not have known in the first place and that can give a little insight as to their personality and who they are off screen. In Erendira’s case there isn’t a serious wealth of information but there’s just enough to indicate that she’s a fairly hard-working individual that has done her part for the industry and proven that she has what it takes to survive in show business.

Here are a few things about Erendira you might not have known.

10. She’s a casting director as well as an actress.

For those that don’t know a casting director works closely with the producers and directors of a production and is responsible for casting each character into their given role. This is obviously something that is taken quite seriously since as many people can understand casting the right person for the right role can impact the project in a big way.

9. She played a part in Sense8.

She took on the part of Daniela Velasquez and was a recurring character for about 19 episodes. She took on the role of a woman that had lived a very comfortable life but made a few questionable decisions throughout the series.

8. She’s openly bisexual and came out some time ago.

More and more people have been making the announcement of their preferred sexuality and in this day and age it’s become a lot more acceptable despite any naysayers that continue to claim that anything other than heterosexuality is abnormal. Sometimes it’s easier to say ‘to each their own’, and let it be.

7. Her net worth is very impressive.

At this time her net worth is an astounding $17 million, meaning that she’s amassed an impressive fortune by being smart when it comes to money and investing or perhaps just living within her means so as to up her value and live a very comfortable lifestyle.

6. She’s currently in her 30s at this time.

Erindira is still relatively young so she has plenty of time to keep doing what she’s doing and impressing people in a big way as she continues along her career path. Whether or not she’s bound to be seen as a major player in the industry and someone that will take on bigger and bigger projects is hard to say without speaking to her but so far she’s done quite well.

5. To date she’s stayed clear of any major controversies.

If there’s anything that benefits a celebrity when it comes to status and their overall quality of life it’s staying away from any and all possible trouble as much as they can. There are bound to be moments that will be taken on by the media and blown out of proportion, but keeping away from any overt controversy is a good thing since it might not make headlines but it does save people from a lot of embarrassment.

4. She’s been lauded as one of the richest celebrities born in Mexico.

Sectioning people off into different categories when it comes to where they’re from, how much they’ve made, and what accomplishments can be foisted upon them for this or that is kind of an odd practice but it’s one that’s very pervasive in the industry since there are entire lists that identify people in a variety of ways and list their accomplishments along with many of their personal descriptions and traits.

3. There isn’t a lot of information on her family.

This could have been left this way for a good reason since a lot of stars at this point don’t tend to include their families in the type of information one will find on the internet. It’s actually kind of respectful in a way since it allows their family to enjoy having a famous celebrity as a son, daughter, etc., but also grants them the privacy and anonymity that they should be able to enjoy.

2. Her acting career really took off in the mid-2000s.

She hasn’t been at it nearly as long as some but she’s not a newbie either since she’s been in the game for over a decade and has been steadily gaining in popularity ever since.

1. She’s a very family-oriented individual.

More and more it’s been seen that a lot of celebrities are starting to find immense value in their family life and it’s been a nice development to see.

She’s definitely someone that could possibly see her career continue to rise in the coming years.

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