The Rise and Fall of TikTok Star Emmuhlu: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

The Rise and Fall of TikTok Star Emmuhlu: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

The Rise and Fall of TikTok Star Emmuhlu: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

2020 has been a monumental year for TikTok, but with great popularity comes great controversy, especially for some of its most famous users. Emmuhlu, who boasts over one million followers on TikTok, found herself on the brink of cancellation in April when an old video surfaced of her repeatedly yelling “die” followed by the n-word. Although this incident impacted her following, she managed to maintain a strong fanbase. However, a recent online feud with rapper Cardi B might just be the final nail in Emmuhlu’s social media coffin. Apparently, Cardi took offense to jokes Emmuhlu made about her music, and she clapped back harder than Emmuhlu could have ever anticipated. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Emmuhlu.

1. She Deleted Her Instagram Account

Emmuhlu is no stranger to receiving attention on social media, but lately, the attention hasn’t been the kind she’s been hoping for. Following her recent clash with Cardi, Emma decided to deactivate her Instagram account. She also hasn’t posted anything on TikTok since.

2. She Makes Custom Videos On Cameo

If you’re a big fan of Emmuhlu’s content, you can request her to create something exclusive just for you. She has an account on Cameo where she makes custom videos for her fans for just $10. For a mere $2.99, you can also chat with her. She donates the money she makes from Cameo to charity.

3. She’s A Huge Nicki Minaj Fan

Emmuhlu is a self-described Barb, meaning she is a devoted fan of rapper Nicki Minaj. She even offers to rap a Nicki verse for her customers on Cameo. While it’s entirely possible to support an artist you like without tearing another artist down, Emmuhlu struggled to find that balance, which led to her getting dragged by Cardi.

4. She’s Struggled With Mental Health Issues

In recent years, more and more people have started to acknowledge the importance of mental health. Unfortunately, it’s still not something that many people feel comfortable discussing. Emmuhlu hasn’t gone into detail about her mental health, but she did post a video on TikTok that insinuated she’s dealt with mental health issues and has been treated for them in the past.

5. She’s A Private Person

Limiting the amount of personal information you share online is one thing, but there seems to be a trend with Gen Z social media influencers hiding their true identities. Emmuhlu never shares details about her personal life and has never revealed her real full name, although she has shared that her first name is Emma.

6. There Are Petitions To Get Her Off TikTok

Emmuhlu is undoubtedly a polarizing figure on TikTok. While she does have a large fan base, there are also many people who believe that her presence on the platform is harmful. Several petitions have been started on to have her account removed from TikTok. On the flip side, there are also petitions to keep her on the platform.

7. She Was Kicked Out Of Her House

Despite being very vague about her personal life, it’s become clear that Emmuhlu and her mother don’t have the best relationship. In an Instagram Live video, Emmuhlu’s recording was interrupted by her mother, who proceeded to ask Emmuhlu to leave the house.

8. She’s From New York

Even though Emmuhlu has tried to keep her real identity out of the public eye, information has started to leak about her amid the controversy. Evidently, she is from Staten Island, New York, where her father works in the legal field. Out of respect for her family’s privacy, we won’t share any personal or business names.

9. People Were Trying To Find Her Mother On Facebook

After Emmuhlu’s n-word videos began to circulate, people were so upset that they wanted to let her parents know what their daughter had been up to online. People began digging into Emmuhlu’s life as much as they could, and someone was able to uncover her mother’s name. People began to request her mother on Facebook, but Emmuhlu quickly spoke out and asked people to leave her mother out of the situation.

10. She Interned For A Republican Senator

On TikTok, Emmuhlu has repeatedly expressed that she doesn’t support the Republican party. However, it appears that her values in real life may not align with what she shares on social media. At one point in time, she was an intern for a Republican senator in New York.

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