10 Things You Didn’t Know about Eladio Carrion

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Eladio Carrion

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Eladio Carrion

For the last few years, Eladio Carrion has been making his mark on Latin trap. He is widely considered one of the hottest artists in the genre, and once you hear his music it doesn’t take long to figure out why. Eladio is smart and creative and he knows exactly how to draw listeners in. In 2020, he released his debut album, Sauce Boyz, and it really helped him gain traction in the mainstream. Now with nearly two million followers on Instagram and co-signs from some major artists, Eladia is continuing to blaze his own train. He’s looking forward to continuing to show the world what he’s capable of doing. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Eladio Carrion.

1. He Moved Around A Lot As A Child

Eladio was born in Kansas, but because his father was in the military he spent a lot of time moving. He lived in Baltimore in Alaska before finally moving to Puerto Rico where he was primarily raised. While living in Puerto Rico, he was introduced to reggaeton music and he began to love it.

2. He Was A Professional Swimmer

Eladio’s journey to becoming an artist looks a lot different than most. He isn’t someone who grew up with a big dream of making it in the music industry. Instead, there were other things he was more interested in, and swimming was one of them. He represented Puerto Rico as a professional swimmer for several years.

3. Someone Stole His Dog

Eladio is a very proud pet parent, so you can imagine how devastated he was when someone stole his dog. While talking to High Times, Eladio said, ““Monarca” was made in Los Angeles when I was only supposed to be there for a week. On my fourth day there, my dog was robbed from the AirBnB I was staying at in Beverly Hills. I would wake up at 5am everyday and post fliers and ended up wasting like five grand at Office Depot. On the seventh day, I got the call that they’d found my dog”.

4. He Loves Making People Laugh

Even before Eladio started his music career, entertaining people was a big part of who he was. After ending his professional swimming career, Eladio started posting funny videos on social media. He eventually transitioned into doing stand-up comedy. Although music and comedy are different, performing on stand-up stages helped prepare him for music.

5. He Prefers Creating Full-Length Projects

Lots of artists release singles here and there, but that has never been Eladio’s style. Eladio told High Times, “I’ll do singles every once in a while, but I love larger projects because I love providing an entire experience. I think for people to understand my music and to understand my vibe, I have to give the music to them in chunks. I can’t give it to them piece by piece because they won’t understand it.”

6. He Writes For Other Artists

Not only has Eladio built a successful career for himself, but he has also used his talents to help other artists put out hit songs. He has written for several other artists and people seem to be drawn to his wittiness and unique approach. As his career grows, Eladio will likely continue to write for other people.

7. He Loves Weed

There have always been conversations about whether or not smoking marijuana really does help the creative process, but Eladio’s opinion is that it does. He loves smoking and it’s something he does every day. He believes that being high helps him when he’s in the studio and usually won’t catch him there sober.

8. He Helped Bad Bunny Get Discovered

Bad Bunny is one of the hottest reggaeton artists in the game right now, and Eladio Carrion has actually played a major role in that. After hearing one of Bad Bunny’s songs that was posted on Soundcloud, Eladio couldn’t help but introduce him to label head Noah Assad. Eladio also put Bad Bunny in touch with his manager.

9. He Likes Video Games

Eladio may not be the kind of gamer you’re going to find streaming on Twitch, but he does love playing video games. In fact, playing Call of Duty is part of his daily routine before heading to the studio. Unfortunately for all of the gamers out there, Eladio didn’t share which console he prefers to play on.

10. He Loves Los Angeles

Eladio may have spent most of his life in Puerto Rico, he has developed a special place in his heart for Los Angeles. He spends a lot of time working in L.A. and he absolutely loves it there. On top of digging the overall vibe, Eladio also told High Times that Los Angeles has the best weed.

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