Diedrich Bader Gets Candid about “American Housewife”

Diedrich Bader Gets Candid about “American Housewife”

Diedrich Bader Gets Candid about “American Housewife”

Acting has become a nice career for most people, but some have to go to theater academies to polish up on their act before they even step on stage. While to some it comes naturally, others have to keep practicing until they can bring out the best character. Diedrich Bader has graced our screens with his incredible talent, and as a cast member for “American housewife,” he has had the opportunity of having a character that matches with his real self, making the experience quite natural for him. There is still a lot more about being in the cast that he gets to disclose and here is a peek as Diedrich Bader gets candid about “American Housewife.”

Changing his character

The initial plan for Diedrich’s character, Greg Otto was to have him working at a public radio station. However, Greg’s profession was changed to align with his real life, and he reveals he has never portrayed a character so close in personality with himself as that of Greg. According to Bader, he is the black sheep of the family since he dropped out of school at 20 years of age while everyone else in his family has a Ph.D. Truth is the former President Clinton selected Bader’s father to serve under his administration from 1999 to 2001 as the State’s Educational and Cultural Affairs Assistant Secretary. In real life, Bader is usually satisfied when everything is in order, and Greg loves the process of filling out tax forms due to his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which he passed on to his daughter, Anna Kat.

He and Katy Mixon had chemistry from the start

When Bader went to audition for the Greg role, there had been so many other people who did not bring out the character, so the producers were yet to find the ideal fit. They had almost become frantic, as Bader puts it. However, he auditioned in the morning, and they asked him to go back. When he met Katy in the hallway, he was confident the show would be picked. Although Bader reveals that actors pretend to have chemistry, for him and Katy, it was there from the instant they met, and everyone else could feel it. Bader thinks that Katy pops on screen and to him, she is magic, hence the ascertainment about the show being picked.

Memorable moments from filming the show

Bader admits that being with Katy, every day is exciting since she is hilarious and they get to have loads of fun. He also got to do some physical comedy during the filming of Valentine’s episode where they had a scene with a choir. To him, it is one of the best episodes whose script is cleverly crafted by the showrunners, Rick and Kenny. The fact that it gives various people’s perspectives on one incident got Bader very excited.

What is captivating about the show?

In Bader’s opinion, the show has been able to capture the everyday life of some people, and since they can relate with it, that has been the primary reason why the comedy quickly became a favorite. Most women associate with Katy Mixon’s character and empathize with her, so people admit to him that the show has brought out what their lives are like, in the real world.

Opinion about the show

Bader admits that although the comedy has taken up most of his time, it is the best show he has ever been on and is always looking forward to going and meet Katy Mixon, citing she is a fun person to work with and the scriptwriters are just lovely. Among the things that make him love the comedy is that it has been able to defy the expectations of what family should be like and has brought a realistic perspective. The pragmatic approach he attributes to Sarah Dunn, the creator, who Bader says has a wicked sense of humor in every sense of the word. For him, being the tools of expression of Sarah’s voice is what makes the show impressive.

Adding to the script

Since Bader is from an academic family, he is comfortable with the academic language, and that is why the producers thought of making him a professor working at NPR. However, when they changed the character to fit Bader’s real character, they found out that he can do lots of geeky jokes and every conservation with the writers has become sort of their time to source for material.

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