Did Millie Bobby Brown’s Parents Allow Their Minor Daughter to be Groomed?

Did Millie Bobby Brown’s Parents Allow Their Minor Daughter to be Groomed?
Did Millie Bobby Brown’s Parents Allow Their Minor Daughter to be Groomed?

Credit: @milliebobbybrown

When Millie Bobby Brown landed the role of Eleven on the hit show “Stranger Things,” she was not expecting the kind of jump in popularity she found. However, she is now one of the most famous young actresses in the world, and her star continues to shine brighter. In the few years since the show aired – and as it is well known, the next season is the final season – she’s someone the world cannot stop talking about. But, it’s Millie Bobby Brown’s parents we want to know more about. Is it true that they neglect the young actress? Here’s what we know.

How Old is Millie Bobbie Brown?

The thing about Millie Bobby Brown is that her age continues to shock the world. She’s been acting since 2013, but she was only nine when she began her acting career. She was born on February 19, 2004, and she is 18 as of 2022. She is a young star with a work history of someone more than twice her age. People know she’s British, but her fans are regularly surprised to know she was born in Spain. She didn’t live in England until she was four, but both of her parents are British, too. By the time she was only eight, her parents had packed her up and moved her to Orlando, Florida, where she spent the rest of her childhood.

Did Millie Bobby Brown’s Parents Allow Their Minor Daughter to be Groomed?

Credit: @milliebobbybrown

She’s Partially Deaf

What makes Brown so much more impressive is the fact that she does this job with hearing loss. At birth, she only had a partial hearing in her left ear. While some children can regain hearing in a situation like this one, she was not one of those kids. Her hearing loss was not reversible, and she eventually went completely deaf in her left ear. She only has a hearing in her right ear, yet she takes on a job requiring so much in terms of hearing. It’s incredible, honestly.

She’s Not Happy with the Sexual Nature of Her Job

She was only 12 when she was cast in Stranger Things. At only 18, she’s still a child despite becoming a legal adult in 2022. However, her life has been anything but easy. Even as a child, she was bullied relentlessly online. She’s also been highly sexualized, spoken down to, and more, and she’s had a rough time. She often speaks out about it, but it typically falls on deaf ears – no pun intended. She is a star, and people feel the overwhelming need to say whatever they want to say to stars from the secrecy of their online profiles. It’s truly disgusting.

She is Not a Single Lady

Though she’s not a fan of a lot of things that come along with being famous, meeting the son of Jon Bon Jovi is a perk she is happy about. His name is Jake Bongiovi, and he is the son of a famous rock star. They’ve been dating for a long time and seem pretty happy. Meanwhile, she’s also a college student pursuing her college degree online via Purdue.

Do Millie Bobby Brown’s Parents Neglect Her?

Being a star means dealing with rumors, and rumor has it that Millie Bobby Brown’s parents are neglectful. The truth, however, is anything but. Her family, as previously mentioned, did not go straight to Orlando, Florida, from England. They went to Hollywood. They wanted to see their little girl succeed in making her dreams come true. Her mother and father, Kelly and Robert, sold everything they owned. Millie Bobby Brown’s parents moved the entire family to Hollywood with very few of their belongings, and they tried to make it work.

Did Millie Bobby Brown’s Parents Allow Their Minor Daughter to be Groomed?

Credit: @milliebobbybrown

Sadly, it did not work. The family did not make it big. Millie Bobby Brown’s parents took her to all the auditions, but she landed no roles. The family was broke, and Hollywood was too expensive. The family had no choice. However, there were some pretty unpleasant things happening in the background.

It was said that 16-year-old Millie was living with a 20-year-old TikToker by the name of Hunter Echo, and he admitted online that he was grooming her. He detailed many of the alleged sexual encounters that came along with the alleged grooming before eventually coming out and apologizing for saying what he said. The damage, however, was done. The world already accused her family of using her for money, sending her to live with a 20-year-old man when she was only a child, and allowing this to happen. It’s been difficult for her and her family, but her success currently speaks for itself.

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