Dee Snider Looks Exactly Like Sarah Jessica Parker Here

Dee Snider Looks Exactly Like Sarah Jessica Parker Here

Dee Snider Looks Exactly Like Sarah Jessica Parker Here

There are obvious differences of course but if you put her in more makeup and frizzed her hair up the resemblance between Dee Snider, the front man for Twisted Sister, and Sarah Jessica Parker, would be uncanny. That might be unkind but let’s look at it this way, they both have roughly the same face shape, the big head of hair, and in these pictures the very same expressions for the most part.

Over the years both the singer and the actress have gotten a lot of flak for their looks which isn’t entirely fair but it is kind of amusing. Snider has fully embraced the fact that he looks like a makeup tutorial gone horribly wrong but Parker has  been seemingly ignoring what people have been saying about her for so long. And why not? She’s a star and they’re not, simple as that.

But this picture, unflattering as it is for Parker, is one very big reason why she’s been given so much heat over her looks throughout the years. There’s not a lot she can or should do about it because to be honest there are days when she is absolutely gorgeous and others that people’s remarks seem true even if they’re still unkind. She is reminiscent of Uma Thurman in a way. One day they’re gorgeous and done up so well that they’re almost exotic, the next all that makeup is gone and they’re an ordinary person. The same is true with Dee Snider actually.

That’s probably for the best though. Stars from any venue get a lot of attention because of their looks and are known to attract fans because they look glamorous and almost too good to be true. Well, that’s because when you have a stylist, a makeup artist, and a team of people work on your looks you can come out looking like a piece of artwork. But the cost of all that work is so high that most people wouldn’t be able to afford it or even think about trying it out just once.

Still going back to this picture and a new thought just hit. It’s almost as if Dee Snider, with his hands thrust out in the air in front of him, just pushed someone off of something and below, Sarah Jessica Parker is mimicking his expression but can’t bring herself to catch the person. That sounds so horrible but it’s just a thought that came to mind.

It’s so easy to make fun of celebrities at times, especially when they’re caught in certain moments that make them look rather ridiculous. Snider has obviously had no problem with this throughout his career as he’s taken it all in stride. If Park has anything to say about it then her words must have gotten lost over time in the media buzz, or she’s decided to remain silent for the most part. Remember when your parents told you to ignore people that made fun of you and they’d go away?

Yeah, it didn’t work back then either.

Dee Snider Looks Exactly Like Sarah Jessica Parker Here


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