Below Deck’s Captain Lee Gives Us An Exclusive Sneak Peek at Season 4


For any of you unfamiliar with Below Deck, this reality series profiles a group of young people who work aboard yachts that measure well over 100 feet long. The crew members, known as yachties, live aboard the luxurious, privately owned vessels while making sure that their demanding clients’ ever-changing needs are met. The yachties share a passion for a job that allows them to visit some of the world’s most beautiful places. Each episode features a different group of passengers — ranging from millionaires to hard-partying friends — as they head out for a marine adventure. The crews live by the “work hard, play harder” motto that gives them access to exotic perks few people get to experience.

We had a chance to personally interview the star of the show, Captain Lee, and ask a few questions about himself and the upcoming season.  Here they are!

1. Tell us about growing up in Saginaw, MI

Growing up in Saginaw was less than exciting to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I got my work ethic, good midwestern values, and integrity from growing up there. But it was a General Motors town, and when you got out of High School, you either had 3 choices, you went to college, out of my reach, you went to work at one of the GM Plants, or you got drafted and went to Viet Nam. With college out of the question, the other two were less than appealing to me. I got drafted, but washed out at my physical. So at the age of 25 I left Saginaw to seek my fortune elsewhere, but will always be grateful for growing up there and getting the solid foundation that has served me well for decades.

2. What led you to become a Captain?

I was living in the Turks and Caicos Islands, running a restaurant and was offered a freelance gig helping to deliver a sailing yacht down island. With my spirit of adventure taking over I jumped at the opportunity and when I came back I told my wife that a career change could possibly be in order and that is where it all started. Had never seen an ocean prior to that.

3. You used to be a restaurateur. Do you still own any restaurants? What’s your favorite food?

I loved the restaurant business and had it not been for that yacht delivery that I took in the islands, I would probably still be in it. I don’t currently own one but have been having thoughts of dipping my toe in that pond again. I think my favorite foods are fairly simple foods. Love a good Ribeye steak, mid rare, with a glass of good Cab, and perhaps a decent glass of Cognac to finish it off. I think my favorite genre of food would be Italian. I would love to spend a two week vacation in Italy just eating my way through. Real soft spot for great pasta dishes.

4. You just finished filming another season of Below Deck. What’s the craziest thing that happened off camera?

Off camera, would probably be one of the crew, who shall remain unnamed, imbibing too much one evening and falling asleep, so to speak, at the table. When it came time to close the restaurant, they couldn’t wake this person up so they sprayed this crew member down with bug spray and left this person there to sleep it off. Obviously this was an outdoor venue, but they didn’t want this person to be overcome by bug bites, which considering the circumstances, was quite thoughtful of them.

5. We hear that you got seasick your first time on a Yacht. Do you still get seasick? And what’s your best advice for people who do get seasick?

Yes I did get seasick, and continued to for almost a year until I just got fed up with it. I made a decision to not let it affect me and what and where I wanted to be anymore. More mind over matter sometimes. Looking at the horizon helped me a lot. Not having heavy foods while on board and not getting on board with the thought in my mind that, oh well, I’m going to get sick again. Staying in the aft portion of the boat helps as well, as that is where the best ride is. After a while the episodes became less and less frequent and eventually stopped. Not to say that under extreme conditions it won’t ever happen again, but I have been able to overcome it mostly by not giving in to it.

6. What can we expect from season 4 of Below Deck?

While I can’t get into specifics, this upcoming season is a really great one. We have a stunning vessel, great guests with some unusual requests, and some crew that add to the excitement of it all with their behavior, good and bad. Great location for this year and we got some really unique shots of everything. Some shocking items as well, but I can’t get into those either, and I am not shocked easily. I think this may be the best yet.

7. What’s the longest amount of time you’ve ever been at sea? What was the trip?

I spent a month at sea doing a delivery from St Thomas to Seattle Wa. Its a run of about 6K miles thru the Panama Canal and up the west coast of a lot of countries. We only stopped for fuel. The longest period of time in any stop was about 18 hrs for fuel and a weather window. Other than that it was non stop.

8. If you could be on one reality show what would it be and why?

I think I would like to try either Dancing With The Stars, because I can bust a pretty good move, when motivated and like to dance. Or maybe the Celebrity Apprentice as I do think I may have the skill set to do well there. Plus both seem like they would be great fun.

9. If you could spend the day with one celebrity who would it be and why?

Were this person still alive, it would be John Wayne. He was an honest, hardworking patriotic American. He asked no quarter and gave none that wasn’t deserved or earned. He said what was on his mind, didn’t mince words and being pc wasn’t in his vocabulary, but wasn’t malicious with his words. A day with him would have been an honor. As for one that is still alive, Clint Eastwood, probably for all the above reasons. I’d love to hear some of his thoughts on directing movies and his though process that goes into that.

10. Why did you apply for a trademark on your name?

Well, to be honest, should Capt Lee ever become of value, I would like to be the one who values from its use rather than someone else. Unless its for a well deserved charity, then I have no problems with that. Kids and dogs are my two faves.

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