We Decided to Rank J.D.’s Girlfriends on Scrubs

We Decided to Rank J.D.’s Girlfriends on Scrubs

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Scrubs was one of NBC’s critically acclaimed, but poorly rated sitcoms of the 2000’s. It was also close to being cancelled every season, but somehow the show would continue to survive. NBC finnally pulled the plug on the series after the conclusion of its seventh season after being ranked the 115 most watched show of the entire 2007-2008 television season. ABC would come to the rescue and pick the comedy up for an eighth season. Scrubs would return for season nine but would only feature J.D. (Zach Braff), Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley), and Turk (Don Faison) teaching at a medical school.

During those nine seasons, Dr. John Dorian had many girlfriends. We decided to rank the top 10 for your reading pleasure.

10. Danni Sullivan (Tara Reid)

Trust me. I am not a Tara Reid fan by any means. However, she barely makes the list playing Danni Sullivan, Jordan’s younger sister. One of the reasons Danni made the list is because, like J.D., she has internal monologue in her head. Danni is a little too wild for J.D. and ends up making out with both Doug and Ted at Turk and Carla’s wedding. Reid appeared in 11 episodes of Scrubs on season 3 and 4. She is rumored to be starring in Sharknado 3.

9. Tamara (Maria Menounos)

Maria Menounos would only make one appearance on Scrubs as Tamara in 2006. She begins dating J.D. because she loves his hair. At the same time, J.D. urges the staff at Sacred Heart to do unconventional things for their patients. He must contemplate shaving his head for a cancer patient or keep his luxurious locks for Tamara. He decides to be a good guy and go bald.

8. Katya – J.D.’s Pillow Girlfriend

Katya is J.D.’s pillow girlfriend and was there for him on his last week as a resident at Sacred Heart. She even let J.D. fondle her on their first date. She would only make one appearance (Season 4 Episode 1), but it was truly memorable.

7. Molly Clock (Heather Graham)

Heather Graham first appeared on Scrubs in the season 4 episode, “My Old Friend’s New Friend.” She is labeled the second hottest employee at Sacred Heart Hospital next to Nurse Tisdale, which is why she makes the list. Molly is attracted to men with minor mental health issues, which is why her and J.D. start dating. J.D. never goes all the way with her because of his true feelings for Elliot. Grahamn appears in nine episodes of the comedy.

6. Kylie (Chrystee Pharrish)

Chrystee Pharrish was starring on the soap opera Passions when she began appearing as Kylie on Scrubs. J.D. meets her at a club, but finds out she has a boyfriend. The two begin dating after Kylie finds out her boyfriend was cheating on her and got an STD. JD himself almost cheats on Kylie because he wants to sleep with her and she is not ready. When he tells her what happens, the two break up. Pharrish appeared in five episodes of the comedy.

5. Jamie Moyer (Amy Smart)

Amy Smart was selected to play Jamie Moyer AKA Tasty Coma Wife because Zach Braff wanted to make out with her. Jamie began dating J.D. because she realized that she needed to move on with her life since her husband had been in a coma for years. The relationship moves slowly until Jamie’s husband passes away. Since it was no longer exhilarating that she was “cheating” on her husband, Jamie lost interest and the two ended up separating. Smart appears in four episodes of Scrubs, including the dream sequence in the season 8 finale.

4. Dr. Kim Briggs (Elizabeth Banks)

Elizabeth Banks wonderfully played the character of Kim Briggs on Scrubs shortly before she became a household name. J.D. does not notice her at first because she is wearing a wedding ring and therefore “invisible” to him. The two end up dating and make a cute couple. They conceive a child even though they did not actually have sex. Kim would have been #2 on the list, had she not lied to J.D. about having a miscarriage. With so many deadbeat dads out there, why would you lie about having a baby with a guy who would make an awesome dad?! Banks appeared on 15 episodes of Scrubs from 2006-2009.

3. Julie Quinn (Mandy Moore)

Mandy Moore was dating Zach Braff at the time she began playing Julie Quinn on Scrubs. Julie is a lot like J.D. Both are very clumsy, geeky, and drift off into their own fantasy worlds. The two begin dating after being set up on a blind date by one of J.D.’s patients. J.D. fell for Julie hard and wanted a long-term relationship. Since she was only 23, she admitted she was not ready for that type of commitment. The two would then part ways. The thing I liked about Mandy Moore was the obvious on-screen chemistry she had with Braff, which would make sense since they were an actual couple. Moore appears in two episode of Scrubs in 2006.

2. Lisa the Gift Shop Girl (Sarah Lancaster)

If J.D. was not going to end up with Elliot, I was really hoping he would marry Lisa AKA Gift Shop Girl. J.D. finally got the courage to ask her out, but was too stressed out from work to make a move. They would go out a second time, which was an awkward experience. J.D. would stand her up for their third date to be with Elliot. Lancaster would appear in 3 episodes of the series in 2002, 2003, and 2006. She would go on to star in another NBC show: Chuck.

1. Dr. Elliot Reid (Sarah Chalke)

It would be a crime if Dr. Elliot Reid was not number one on this list. She and J.D. would date and hook up numerous times before finally sealing the deal during season 8 and become an official couple. By the time season nine takes place, J.D. and Elliot are married and are expecting a child of their own. The reason Elliot is the best of all J.D.’s girlfriends was because she was as weird and oddly lovable as he was. They balanced each other out perfectly. Sarah Chalke starred on the first eight season of Scrubs. She would appear in four episodes of the 9th season.

Which of J.D.’s girlfriends was your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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