Fox News Accidentally Runs Poll That Shows How Little People Trust Them

Fox News Accidentally Runs Poll That Shows How Little People Trust Them

Fox News Accidentally Runs Poll That Shows How Little People Trust Them

Fox News kind of shot itself in the foot really on this newscast when they showed a poll that shows just how little people trust their station and how much less they trust Trump. It was supposedly released at the wrong time as the host wanted to show the difference between how much people trusted the president versus their station, but the damage was done really since it’s not something you can simply unsee. The evidence is pretty astounding since there’s no other way to describe it, people just don’t trust Fox News and they really don’t trust the president. Of course it’d be more responsible to ask just how many people were polled and how much of the populace this represents, but the numbers here are no doubt disturbing and even frustrating to many Republicans.

This is after all a country stating that we don’t trust our news broadcasts or our president, but folks like Frank Luntz would claim that it’s for no good reason that we show that lack of trust. His words would seem to say that Congress and the president have done nothing to earn that mistrust and are therefore not to be held accountable for whatever foibles they have to correct during Trump’s time in the White House. Take a moment to let that settle in. People that have been there for decades aren’t to blame for the mess the country has been put through. Trump might get off the hook save for his attitude and mannerisms in dealing with people, but Congress certainly does not, and they control a great deal of what goes on in this nation.

Luntz seems like an intelligent man, but he needs to watch his words a bit more carefully since it almost seems as though he’s pushing the POTUS under the bus with this statement about his tweets. It’s very true that Trump is obviously addicted to Twitter and has no filter there either, and it’s easy to agree that he tends to make situations worse by not watching the words that come from his mind to his fingers to the Twitterverse. But it almost seems like calling out the current POTUS on live TV could be akin to committing career suicide if Trump happened to take offense. Of course so much seems to offend him and Congress these days that Luntz might be safe as he can blend back into the hailstorm that the POTUS and Congress are forced to deal with as more and more people continue to voice their displeasure with our current form of government.

It goes without saying that the news is rarely trusted these days and it’s a sad thing too since many people rely on the news and need the information it provides to feel safe or otherwise seek to protect themselves in whatever way necessary to feel secure. Not being able to trust the news is horrible since it means that whatever is touted out on the screen could be either a baldfaced lie or the truth spun from erroneous facts and data that have only been skimmed over and not truly researched.

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