Days of Our Lives Couples We Are Shocked Made it Work

Days of Our Lives Couples We Are Shocked Made it Work

Days of Our Lives Couples We Are Shocked Made it Work

Days of Our Lives fans love a good couple, which is why we were so quick to share the ones we thought would really be the best of the best already this weekend. We talked couple who aren’t together but should be together, and who we hope can make it work this year. There are so many of them that could be so good together, and there are so many of them who could probably use some time apart. But, there are also some couples who have managed to — so far — completely defy the odds. We did not see them making it. We did not see them getting together. We didn’t see things working out for them in the least. But, they did, and here they are.

Julie and Doug

They’ve been together for about 800 years now. Of course, we exaggerate a bit, but you know we aren’t entirely wrong. They have been together so long it’s not even funny, and we do adore that about them. They are so sweet, and they are so loving, and they are so good together. They didn’t seem like they would make it way back in the day when they first got together, but they did. They made it longer than most every other couple we know, if we are being completely honest. Their love story is older than I am, by a decade, and they are doing well. They have their issues, of course, one of the biggest being the whole “Julie had a husband” thing when they met. But, they are doing well as a whole despite all that might happen.

Victor and Maggie

They are the couple who shouldn’t have made it, and we will be honest and say that we aren’t even all that sure they will make it with all that is going on right now. She fell off the wagon a while back, she’s to blame for some bad things, and there is that whole thing where he has people trying to kill other people and that’s not something she’s a huge fan of. She’s got a lot on her plate right now, and he’s really been there for her as a result, and it’s a big thing. There’s so much going on that is a problem for everyone, and we cannot handle it. But, there is also the entire situation in which he is not allowing her to bring out his good side. They have a lot of issues, and he’s not handling it well right now. They are sweet together, but she draws the line at many of the things he does in his life, and he’s been up to no good for some time now.

Ben and Ciara

No one saw them coming at all. He was, after all, a killer. He was a man who had some mental health issues that made him a killer, and a stalker, and someone who regularly escaped from his imprisonment to make sure that Abigail was miserable as a whole. He was in love with her and he would have done anything to be with her for so long, but the he was released. He was a new man. He fell for Ciara, and they have been strong since. Even when they hid things, they were stronger than many of the other couples in Salem who might have had some bigger issues. There is nothing that they could do, but there is a situation that has allowed them to focus on one another. They’ve been through everything from his sister trying to kill her, from her mother doing all she can to keep them apart, from him being imprisoned and accused of something he did not do, to them being kept apart by family and people who want to make them pay. It’s been ugly and no good for either of them, but they do have so much more to offer than meets the eye. For now, though, we thought it might be good news for everyone to see that they are good, and that they even seem to be stronger than they ever were in the past. Maybe they can keep it up, and we will love that.

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