10 Things You Didn’t know about Dawn Olivieri

10 Things You Didn’t know about Dawn Olivieri

10 Things You Didn’t know about Dawn Olivieri

Ever notice how some of the most skilled actors tend to go unnoticed at times? Dawn Olivieri has definitely shown that she can hang with some of the biggest names in the industry but it would seem now and again that she kind of gets brushed to the side along with a lot of other people that have the kind of talent that needs to be recognized. Of course that might just be a matter of perspective. It could be that she gains the kind of recognition she wants and is happy enough with it that she doesn’t need to go looking for more. Either way she’s a proven talent when it comes to acting and it would seem that she deserves a shot at the big time more than once.

Some of the stuff she’s done has managed to gain the kind of acclaim that can make a career, while other movies and shows have kind of fallen by the wayside and received heavy criticism for one thing or another. The point in all this is that while those shows and movies might not always measure up she’s been doing her part and has been a great addition to everything she’s done. It might be that she’s not seen as the same caliber as a lot of actors, or that she doesn’t put herself out there as much, or it might be that her time is still coming. In any case, it’s enough to see her still there and doing what she loves to do.

That’s all that can be asked of any actor. Her are a few things that you might not know about her.

10. She’s an avid reader.

It seems like there are a lot of actors out there that love to sit down and escape into a good book, but the time they’re given doesn’t always allow it. Reading is to some people a sure sign that they can’t think for themselves, while personally it’s more like a mini-escape into another world where your imagination is in complete control.

9. She isn’t a fan of big crowds.

This might seem odd for an actor to say since they tend to have to be around a lot of people at times, but it’s an easy discomfort to understand since the hustle and bustle of a busy life isn’t for everyone. Sometimes you just need a quiet space all on your own or with minimal people to calm down and relax. Then it’s back to the rat race.

8. She’s a big scifi nerd.

Dawn admits this though she doesn’t tell everyone. It’s kind of surprising to hear some people say this but it’s almost always refreshing as it allows a lot of people to realize that they do have something in common with the stars. They are people after all with their own likes and dislikes.

7. She had a role in American Hustle.

It was a very small role as she played a Cosmo girl that was there and gone before you could fully blink. But it was a role in a major film at least that got her a little more exposure.

6. She’s had voice roles in a couple of video games.

It’s a special treat for those that know their actors and that like video games when they can hear their favorite actors, or at least those they know, coming out of the game.

5. TV seems to be where she’s most comfortable.

At least it seems to be since she’s had more TV appearances than films. It could be that she just enjoys the different schedule and the fact that TV seems slightly less stressful than a movie set. At least that’s the way it seems.

4. She had a role in The Last Witch Hunter.

As Danique she wasn’t exactly a villain but she definitely wasn’t the protagonist either. She actively tried to keep Kaulder stuck in his dreams for her own purposes, but at the end of the encounter she got her comeuppance, which some people no doubt loved seeing.

3. She’s been acting since the late 80’s.

Dawn has been around for a while and as a result has no doubt seen quite a few things in her career. Why she hasn’t hit he big time with a film where she’s the star or at least the all-important supporting star is hard to figure out but at the very least she’s been in enough productions to be someone that directors want to work with.

2. She had a recurring role in Heroes.

Despite the fact that the following seasons of Heroes didn’t quite live up to their own hype she did manage to get in and become a recurring character.

1. She showed up in Bright.

This is another show that got absolutely blasted by the critics but at the very least she puts in a good performance, so there’s little you can say about her acting skills other than the fact that she gives a very convincing reason why she should be starring in other films and shows.

Seriously, this woman needs to be elevated just a bit from her current status.

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