10 Things You Didn’t Know about Danielle Cabral

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Danielle Cabral

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Danielle Cabral

Who doesn’t love a good housewife? The OC might be the OG of the series, but New Jersey’s housewives might be the most dramatic of all. These are women who have been fighting, flipping tables, and taking their problems to the television screen for years, and we hear a rumor that there is a new wife in town. Her name is Danielle Cabral, and it seems she might be one of the new wives to make an appearance in the upcoming season. She’s someone worth getting to know, so here is what we know.

1. She’s a Housewife

Rumor has it, that is. She’s going to be one of three new housewives to make her debut in the 13th season of the hit show The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The thing about this wife, though, is that she is someone we all know and love – kind of. She’s already a little more famous than you might realize, so stick around to find out what she’s already done prior to this.

2. She is a Business Owner

Her current claim to fame is her designer boutique for kids that are just a little bit extra. It’s called the Boujie Kidz Boutique, and she loves it. She’s a business owner in New Jersey looking to attract a younger crowd, and a lot of like-minded people.

3. She is an MTV Star

It turns out that she’s a long-time television star, and being a reality star is not new to her. She was the woman who starred in the “True Life,” series. Hers was the “I’m a Staten Island Girl,” episode, and it turns out it was the one show from the series that had the highest rating of all time. She has been there and done that.

4. She is an Actress

Growing up, she was a girl who knew she would do big things with her life. One of those big things included heading right into the world of acting, and that is where she’s been her entire life. She moved to LA as soon as she was old enough, and she landed many roles in television shows and independent films.

5. She Met Her Husband in LA

Moving across the country to LA was a good thing for her, but her acting career is not the best thing that happened to her when she moved. It happens that meeting a man in LA was the best thing that happened to her. His name is Nate, and he would go on to become her own husband – and they are living their best life together.

6. She Got Married in 2012

This couple met, and they both knew it was meant to be. Their wedding took place in 2012, but they did not get married in LA. They decided to move closer to home to wed, and that’s where they spent their time planning, being with their friends and family, and planning the rest of their lives together.

7. She is an HGTV Star

Since the couple wed, she’s made her husband a television star, too. These two have been featured in yet another reality show – that’s three now, if you are counting – and this one is on a network everyone watches. They were featured on “Family Under Construction,” which airs on HGTV. They truly do a little bit of all the things.

8. She’s a Mom

She got married, she landed some reality television show gigs, started a clothing boutique business, and she had a couple of kids. She’s been busy in the past decade, and nothing is slowing this young lady down. She and her husband are the very proud parents of a little boy and a little girl. Their kids are Valentina and Dominic.

9. She’s Got Famous Friends

One of her closest friends happens to be the OG of Jersey. You know her as Tre, or Teresa Giudice. They’ve been good friends for some time, and it only makes sense that the network would tap into something like that to see if they can get some new faces on the show and make some new drama happen. It’s not like Tre hasn’t had her fair share of dramatic friends, as it stands.

10. She’s Happy

The one thing you should know about this woman is that she seems entirely happy with her life. She’s married to the love of her life, they have two beautiful kids, they are both running successful businesses, and they are living their dream. What is not to be happy about?

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