Corey Feldman’s “My Truth” Documentary Wasn’t What People Expected

Corey Feldman’s “My Truth” Documentary Wasn’t What People Expected

Corey Feldman’s “My Truth” Documentary Wasn’t What People Expected

Throwing shade and doubt at Corey Feldman and his documentary My Truth: The Rape of 2 Corey’s, isn’t exactly the best idea at the moment, but throwing every ounce of support behind it is kind of rough since the premiere.  In fact the only scheduled appearance that it would make for those that want to watch, didn’t go as smoothly as planned. There was an impressive number of people that wanted to see how this story turned out and who would be revealed as Corey’s number one abuser, morbid as that might appear for people to be excited about something such as this. Many would argue that their interest lies chiefly in sympathizing and empathizing with Feldman so that they might better understand him and the struggles that he and his on and off screen friend Corey Haim went through as kids in a Hollywood that was notoriously brutal to young kids at one time. Whether that’s still true today is hard to reveal, but if asked why, Corey would likely say that those in control are trying to shut him down just as their hackers attempted to shut down his documentary. As Bella Fowler of the Daily Examiner has mentioned, Feldman did in fact blame hackers for the fact that his movie had to start 15 minutes late due to technical difficulties. For those trying to watch on streaming however there was nothing to be done since the movie didn’t show up.

While some did get to see it the documentary appears to have underwhelmed a lot of folks as several have expressed a lack of anything compelling that might have been worth the wait and the hype. Feldman has apparently been feeling the pressure as he’s felt it necessary to beef up the security around his home and for his family, as he’s stated that he’s been under attack from the ‘wolfpack’ the group of Hollywood’s elite that don’t want him revealing just who it was that abused him and Corey Haim when they were younger. It’s not entirely fair to say that Feldman is paranoid and a bit odd at this time since downplaying his experience and calling him a fraud that needs the money isn’t our goal. Instead it’s enough to say that there’s something kind of dicey about this entire situation since the reveal of Charlie Sheen having been the man that ‘raped’ Corey Haim wasn’t that much of a shock to a lot of people and on top of that, Sheen already denied this happened some time ago and hasn’t bothered to deny it again, though there is an account from another individual who Haim apparently told the story to that the sexual encounter ‘in broad daylight’ was consensual and that Haim asked Sheen if he wanted to do it again, only for Sheen to refuse and act coldly towards him.

This is one of the biggest issues with Feldman’s story, and it’s not a denial that anything happened. It’s that his take on it, which should be ironclad and unassailable if he wanted people to believe him, should have also taken into consideration just what kind of backlash that Hollywood might have sent his way. Tim Chan of Rolling Stone has more to say on the matter. There’s also the constant number of questions and inconsistencies that, when told from Feldman’s point of view, paint a very different picture, especially since Haim is no longer here to tell his side of the story. Perhaps this is why there are plenty of skeptics at this point when it comes to Corey Feldman, because there is no longer an opposing viewpoint other than those that might watch and analyze old clips of the two Corey’s and their interactions with each other before Haim’s passing. The sudden ‘attack’ by hackers bent on preventing Feldman’s movie from showing is also kind of suspicious since the timing might make sense, but Hollywood ganging up on a man that has earned a very divided fan base is hard to fathom at this time. Even worse for Feldman is the fact that naming certain people hasn’t done a lot at this point since denials have already been made and the evidence that such a thing might have actually happened is circumstantial and anecdotal at best. Is this a denial that anything happened? Of course not, but there are too many glaring contradictions, many that come from Haim if one goes back to watch old archived footage of their shared reality show, that fly in the face of this current issue.

The idea that Corey Feldman is a man that needs the money and is bound to exploit himself and his deceased friend in a manner that is entirely unfair and not that smart of a move has been floated by more than one person at this point. But the truth behind his documentary and the various opinions he’s raised up to, during, and following its release are likely to keep people divided for a while when it comes to just how easy it will to believe in anything he says from this point on. Chris Spargo of The Sun has his own opinion on this subject.

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