Corey Feldman Has a “Truth” Documentary Coming Out

Corey Feldman Has a “Truth” Documentary Coming Out

The sad part of this current happening is that at one point and time Corey Feldman and Corey Haim were riding high on a serious amount of fame that was bound to see them become major stars if they continued forward. But unfortunately fate must have lost those designs since according to Feldman he and Haim were both exposed to sexual abuse during their younger years and while there’s been more and more support for this the unfortunate truth is that with each passing year Corey appears to become just a little more unhinged. It’s easy to think that his experiences have played a big part in this but there’s also the question as to why he hasn’t continually pushed this issue forward to get some sense of justice for himself and his late friend. Many would be accurate enough in saying that since the Weinstein scandal was buried for so long it’s reasonable to think that whatever abuse the two Corey’s suffered was given the same treatment. Others however might think that Feldman is attempting to claim whatever bit of fame he can at the time since it’s kind of obvious that his career hasn’t done much throughout the last couple of decades. The big hole in that argument however is that he’s been faltering as an actor for a good long while now and if anything he could have blown the lid off of this matter and made himself much more of a spectacle by now. B. Alan Orange of MovieWeb has his own opinion on the matter, but it’s kind of obvious that there isn’t a unanimous and universal approval of what Feldman’s trying to do, though neither is everyone against it.

Don’t get me wrong, Corey Feldman has long been a mainstay in pop culture, at least his younger performances have, but as he’s grown older there’s been a noticeable detachment from the days of old when he appeared as a fun-loving individual that made truly entertaining movies. Allison Stewart of the Chicago Tribune can give more on this line of thought. The sad realization about this however is that a lot of people can put on a brave face and keep moving forward while being abused, as it happens quite often all over the world. There was no doubt at one point that Corey Haim and even Feldman had massive issues as they were growing up as their behavior eventually went out of control and the issues that followed had a definite origin that neither one of them really wanted to talk about. The fallout though was noticeable as Haim tended to fall apart and become less and less grounded as the years passed. It was apparent that Feldman wanted to talk openly about what had happened to them when they were younger, but Haim wanted nothing to do with it.

Even Haim’s mother has cautioned Feldman when attempting to speak for her son, and this is likely big reason why Feldman’s upcoming movie appears to feature more about him than it does about Haim, though it’s very likely that he’ll delve into the life of his friend as well since it’s extremely pertinent to the documentary and what happened to both of them when they were younger. Doubting the story isn’t the point or even the goal, it’s comprehending and trying to understand how something like this could be allowed to stand for so long that’s hard to stomach and believe since the sexual deviance in Hollywood would appear to know few if any bounds and has ruined more than a few lives throughout the years. The only issue with the manner in which Feldman is bringing this to the attention of the people is that in some ways he does appear to be trying to make money off of past misery and in others it’s enough to wonder just what he’s thinking and why he would risk whatever’s left of his reputation with this attempt. It’s come down to the point that, a Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb has mentioned, he believes that he and his wife will need around the clock protection for a while once the documentary comes out. This indicates that he believes that violent reprisals could be on the way, which is an opinion that some might not believe while others will be pointing to the case of Jeffrey Epstein while fully agreeing that it’s necessary.

It’s hard to know where to stand on this matter since on one hand it’s been shown throughout the years that sex scandals in Hollywood are all too real and have in fact happened more than a few times. But Corey Feldman’s handling of this issue has been odd at best and downright mind-boggling the rest of the time. There’s a desire to believe him and get the truth, but there’s also a desire to know just why this took so long to come out.

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