Church of Scientology is Launching Its Own TV Network

The Church of Scientology is now launching its own network, following in the footsteps of many a religion that has managed to spread their word far and wide to the masses in an attempt to convince others that their way is something worth following or at least paying attention to. The idea of Scientology is more or less that we are all composed of energies that have experienced far more than anyone could imagine before this current lifetime, and are not measuring up to the potential that we could if we were to accept the faith that Scientology offers. It is another religion to be honest, as it is tax exempt and has garnered a very impressive following. Yet for all that it spouts the beliefs that are the tenets that keep it moving forward, just like any religion.

There’s no real idea as to what the network is going to show just yet but it will be something that follows their beliefs and essentially pushes forward their word in a manner that will seek to entice others to follow along. The trouble with any religion going to mass media however is this: they lose a lot of their credibility. Faith is one of the strongest bonds between a religion and its followers. Faith is what keeps people together more often than not. It is also what unifies people as it doesn’t require any strict belief systems or an adherence to any type of rule that must be followed if one is to be a part of that religion. But Scientology, like many religions, does have its tenets to follow and its aspirations that its many members cling to.

What’s going to be presented on TV might not be agreeable to everyone but that’s not the point of any religion. It is what those that follow the religion believe and what they choose to show to the public that will dictate the programming. Should they decide to open their secrets up to the general public via TV then that’s their choice, people don’t have to watch if they don’t want to. There will no doubt be some public outcry about this however since tolerance of religions that are not fully accepted or agreed with is fairly natural. The trick is however that should they push too hard to be accepted as a network as well as a religion then the efficacy of the religion will likely experience a downward spiral that will degrade the main point and invite the type of mockery that is not only damaging to many religions but is also very easy to replicate. While mocking a religion is not the best way to express one’s opinions it is also exceedingly easy for many people when the religion presents itself in such bold face.

Whether or not this will happen has yet to be seen but the idea that it will never happen is a bit naive. One can only hope that the network will manage to reach those of similar faith and at least provide some solace in their further education.

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