Christina Hendricks Was Turned Down for Numerous Roles Because of Her Body

Christina Hendricks Was Turned Down for Numerous Roles Because of Her Body

credit: @actuallychristinahendricks

Christina Hendricks knew she’d grow up and work in the entertainment industry. It was always part of her plan. From the time she was born in a small town in East Tennessee to her childhood years spent in Portland and Idaho, she knew she would not be in the midwestern small-town life forever. In fact, the moment she graduated from high school, she left home for New York City. She wanted lights, and she wanted to pursue her career. It was her modeling career that took right off, and she spent the better part of a decade working as a model of international fame before acting called. Though she had several smaller roles over the years, it was her role in the hit show Mad Men that made Christina Hendricks a household name.

Christina Hendricks in Mad Men

The show is set back in the 1960s, and it stars other famous faces such as Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss. The setting is New York City, and the premise is an office of people who are in the advertising industry in the 60s. Christina Hendricks is Joan Holloway. She is the office manager in the show, and she is the woman who loves her career above all else. She will do anything, and we do mean anything, to close a deal and make things work for her.

She’s the kind of woman who wants to be in charge, who wants to do things her way, and who has no desire to sit in the backseat to a man in charge of her life. She was so good in her role that she earned six Primetime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama (the show was only on the air for seven seasons, if that helps you understand just how good she is in this role).

Christina Hendricks and her Body and her Role in Mad Men

Christina Hendricks Was Turned Down for Numerous Roles Because of Her Body

N Credit: @actuallychristinahendricks

If there is one thing that Christina Hendricks is known for outside of her acting abilities, it is her body. She’s a woman who is not like other women in Hollywood. In a time when the most famous celebrities in the world were stick thin and waif-like, Hendricks is a woman more like the glamorous superstars of decades past. She’s the modern Veronica Lake and Marilyn Monroe with her gorgeous figure – that is not flat from top to bottom. Hendricks, however, is unamused by the frequent discussion of her body.

“I was working my butt off on Mad Men, and then all anyone was talking about was my body,” she said. In fact, she is downright upset by this. Her body is a part of who she is, and there’s not a lot she can do about it. However, she’s been overlooked more than a few times in terms of her talent, specifically because of her body – and it’s not all right. She was body shamed in a way that many people don’t even realize is shaming. She’d go to an audition, nail it and know she was the best one there, and then have the casting director tell her that the character doesn’t look like her. It is not a place she enjoys spending her time.

Christina Hendricks On Being Happy With Her Own Life

The great news about Hendricks is that she’s learned that she cannot change the way people think. She’s not wrong about that. She might have one of the most beautiful faces and bodies in Hollywood, but she’s aware that this will not always work in her favor. She is a woman who knows there should be more body types on television and in the movies, and she knows that she should not be dismissed from roles because of her body.

Christina Hendricks Was Turned Down for Numerous Roles Because of Her Body

Credit: @actuallychristinahendricks

The good news, though, is that Christina Hendricks also knows she’s living a good life. Hendricks is happy with herself. She’s not mad at her body. She is not uncomfortable in it. She’s not disappointed in it, and she’s just living her best life. She divorced her husband of nearly a decade in 2019, and she bought a house. She’s slowly working on fixing it up and making it her own, and she is taking a lot of pleasure and pride in doing so. It’s a project – and one that she didn’t realize would be quite so much – that she’s pouring her heart and soul into, and she’s happy. We are happy for her. There’s nothing in life quite so exciting as seeing the potential in a home and watching as your vision of grandeur is slowly brought to life one renovation at a time.Christina Hendricks

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