10 Things You Didn’t Know about Christina Anthony

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Christina Anthony

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Christina Anthony

She’s talented, and not just in the acting world. She’s a writer, and she’s also a vocalist, and she can improvise anything you ask her to do. She’s multi-talented on a level that many people only dream of achieving, and her name is Christina Anthony. You can call her superstar for short. She’s spent a great deal of her adult life at Comedy Central, and that’s why so many people recognize her so easily. She’s one of the most hilarious women around, and fans want to know as much as they can about her life.

1. She’s A Stand Up

She’s originally from the Chicago area where her comedy really took its roots, but she performs in L.A. more than anywhere else these days. She’s funny, and she love to do improv for her fans. They flock from all over to see her, and we get it. She’s funny.

2. She’s From St. Louis

Specifically, she spent her life growing up in East St. Louis. We said earlier she’s from Chicago, but we didn’t mean as a born and raised native. She was born and raised in East St. Louis, but she spent her inaugural years as a comedian in the Chicago area.

3. She’s in Her 40s

She was born and raised in the 70s, but not early in the 70s. We are unsure of her precise date of birth, but she was born in the late 70s and is currently in her early 40s. She looks good, and we wouldn’t have known she was already in her forties if we didn’t realize she was 42 in 2019.

4. She’s Close to Her Family

We love a woman who is close to her family, and Christina Anthony is no exception to the rule. She’s close to her mother, Dianne, and her father, Wilbon. She is also close to her sister, who is a reporter. It’s a cool job to have, and it’s probably even cooler to get to see your sister working so hard on her reports.

5. She’s An Alumna

In the comedy world, you don’t care if someone went to Harvard or Yale or Princeton. In fact, she went somewhere that comedians find even more amazing than any of those Ivy League schools. She was part of the Second City Theater in Chicago, which is widely famous for its work.

6. She’s an Excellent Writer

These days, everyone is a writer – or so they say. Christina Anthony, however, is an actual writer. She’s written numerous works that have won awards. She actually co-wrote three that won big.

7. She Was Spent

Everyone goes through some form of burnout and exhaustion at some point in their life, and she was no exception to the rule. When she went into the audition for her role as Aunt Diane on the show ‘Mixed-ish,’ she was on her last leg. She’d been auditioning and working and trying so hard to make it in the acting business at the time that she was ready to call it quits. She got the part, however, and she’s found her spirit and her passion are renewed.

8. She’s Been in LA a Long Time

Before she landed her big role, she spent 8 years in LA. She was writing and doing big things in many aspects of her life, but not in her acting career. She was working as a customer service agent. She was auditioning during her lunch breaks. Working all day, writing in her free time, and all in all just too exhausted to continue. She spent years going to auditions all at once during pilot season, and she was constantly overlooked. She was done, and she knew she would call it quits. We are just glad she didn’t.

9. She’s Private

No one knows too much about her personal life. She doesn’t discuss it as much as her fans might like her to, but she does focus on things that are important issues to her, and she discusses those. She knows to keep a few things to herself, but she also knows that you have to get out and make it work if you really want to make it work.

10. She’s Doing Well

Considering she only just landed her first big role, she’s doing all right. She made it her mission in life to be a success, and she’s making that happen. She’s currently worth an estimated $200k. It might not be millions, but it will be millions before long if we had to make an educated guess.

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