Chicago Fire Review: Carry Their Legacy

Chicago Fire Review: Carry Their Legacy

Chicago Fire

One of the hardest things a human being can do is to gather the strength to be there for another person when they are at their lowest strength. Chicago Fire does that everytime they walk into a building to rescue someone. When it’s someone they love it’s a whole other matter. You can tell the strength of a person’s character by how they choose to stick by the people they love when they are in pain. Casey and Severide have to gather their strength to support the people they love in their darkest hours.

Connie comes back from break, making everyone nervous nellies! The firehouse puts bets on how long long her temp Marcy will last under Connie’s intense tutilage. After much skepticism, Marcy exceeds all expectations. Hopefully she has earned enough of Connie’s respect to stick around for awhile. Dawson and Brett get to stick around so long as they take classes again. They might be upset about having go through re-certification, but it never hurts to refresh your pool of knowledge. For example, I never knew it was more complicated to cut a car accident victim out of an electric vehicle than a regular one. That could come in handy. Brett takes her learning seriously. Why shouldn’t she, since she is responsible for other people’s lives on the job? If only her work ethic was as effective as Dawson’s raw instinct, then she might have been able to scrape out 100% on her exam. Some people really are just that talented.

Now around this time is usually when Severide’s relationships fizzle out for some reason, but this time is different. Severide has fallen fast and hard for Anna. It doesn’t make sense that she would bail on their relationship when they were just getting started. When he finds out that Anna took a leave of absence from work, Severide knows there is only one thing that could be wrong. Anna hasn’t just relapsed, her body is quickly being taken over by cancer cells. Anna, Severide, and even Anna’s father know that Severide needs to be by Anna’s side through this.

Casey reunites with a childhood pal Jason Kannell. You know how nice it is to reunite with an old friend about how far you’ve come since you were kids? It’s even better when you enter the same profession. Like Casey, Kannell fell into a good firehouse with good men. It’s the kind of placement a firefighter hopes for, but it’s the toughest when you lose a brother. A call to a tunnel collapse turned flash fire turns into the worst day of Kannell’s life when two of the men in his unit die, one is left in grave condition with a long recovery, but Kannell is fine. Kannell claims responsibility for not paying attention to the rising gas levels, which could have prevented the loss of life. It wasn’t Kannell’s fault though, it was his Lieutenant’s. Kannell would rather protect his friend’s memory than the rest of his own life and career.

Will Severide and Casey be able to carry the people they love through the fight for their lives?

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