Check Out This Awesome Live-Action Recreation of a Game of Contra

Check Out This Awesome Live-Action Recreation of a Game of Contra

The past is still coming back in a big way since bringing Contra into the mix is a good way to remind people of what video games were like when a lot of us were still growing up. The insane moves, the awesome weaponry, and of course the chaotic battle scenes that felt like they might have been a little too difficult for some folks but almost feel common now. The fact that Contra is now a mobile game is even better for a lot of people since it brings a good deal of the old feeling back to the game and allows people to enjoy something that was a lot of fun back in the day. Admittedly, it does look kind of silly in live-action, but when remembering that it’s a great way to promote the game it becomes a little easier to sit through. There are a lot of us that can probably remember sitting down to play this game for hours at home, or perhaps at the arcade where we would need to plunk quarters into the machine, nickels if one went to Wunderland Arcade.

It is kind of fair to say that Contra came and went in terms of popularity but it never went out, since there’s a difference. A game can go through a few different phases with fans, since plenty of games that aren’t talked about today aren’t exactly on the outs, they’re simply ‘there’ to be picked up or left alone. People know about them, they understand that they’re still available, but for one reason or another games just aren’t that popular at this time. Contra has been through this for years considering that it was a favored game of a lot of people, but once video games started to develop and become even more impressive, Contra just wasn’t as in demand. Video games go through trends as well, and while some movies are always popular, there are times when certain games might be more popular than others.

The hype given to games can fade very quickly if they don’t deliver though since gamers are pretty quick to spread the word about what works and what doesn’t. If a game has a lot of technical issues or the story doesn’t go the way they feel it needs to, plenty of people are going to chime in and make suggestions or possibly blast the game for not being fully ready to bring to the players. Much like movie and TV fans, since they’re typically the same crowd, gamers will try to determine which games are seen as popular and which are just garbage. That might sound a little cruel, but the truth of it is that people want quality when they’re gaming, and Contra has been a pretty steady game over the years since it’s never needed to change too much. This isn’t to say that it never has changed, since it’s done plenty of that over the years given that there have been plenty of versions, but apart from hardcore fans it would be interesting to see how many people know even half of the games that have been created over the years within the Contra story.

It’s a little bit amazing that a movie hasn’t been thought up when it comes to Contra since just about everything else has been given a look or an actual movie, even when it wasn’t the best idea. But it does feel as though a live-action version of Contra could be created to stretch the boundaries of reality without going too far. It might even be interesting enough to think up such an idea and see it play out on the big screen. Or perhaps it could become a limited series that might explore the game for a certain number of episodes that might turn into an actual series. It would obviously need to be handled with care in order to keep the story fresh and as close to the source material as possible in order to have a chance with fans, but it does feel like a worthwhile endeavor that might bring Contra a little further into the spotlight. It’s an idea that some folks would no doubt get behind in an instant, but it’s fair to think that some might not be too keen on it.

Video game movies don’t have the greatest track record unfortunately since too many of them have been botched over the years and appear to have lost all sense of their own narrative when they come to the big screen. There’s always the chance that luck could be with the filmmaker and they would find a way to make it work in a manner that the fans would accept, but that’s a pretty big risk to be certain, though it likely wouldn’t kill off any interest toward the game.

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