Cats Movie Trailer Gets Much Deserved Horror Treatment

Cats Picture

Strangely enough this seems pretty accurate in describing how people are thinking about Cats at this point. From the moment the trailer was released Cats has been getting little more than criticism since the look of the actors in their CGI cat suits is nothing short of cringe-worthy and so far people are either falling for the movie or doing their best to stay away from it since the images seem downright creepy. It’s true that this has been used to describe other movies in the past and some of them have gone on to acquire a pretty healthy fan base, but in this instance, thus far, Cats is getting more attention being described, in an amusing way, as a horror movie. Mixing in clips of the most recent version of Pet Sematary only makes it better since while some people might not have liked the newest version of one of King’s creepiest stories, it does mesh well in this video and manages to gain a few laughs.

It’s kind of hard to fathom why anyone would think that this might go down any other way since honestly the trailer looks like a bad example of furry porn. Oh yeah, I said it and I’ll own it since the effect of turning so many actors into bipedal cats is kind of like something out of the Island of Dr. Moreau if it had been made into a musical. In all fairness the production is something that’s gained a great deal of attention throughout the years but this feels like one giant miscue that should have been given a lot more thought before being produced. One has to wonder if the producer or director had any idea of how this movie trailer would be received and if they did then why they would even bother to proceed. The answer is simple really, they wanted to show people their vision and explore the reaction to it no matter what it was.

It’s likely that those that love Cats are a bit outraged and even miffed at this kind of response, unless they have a sense of humor and can at least chuckle along with the rest of us. There’s just something so off about this trailer that it can’t really be ignored and is disturbing in a way that is hard to fully explain. It might be on a visceral level that people are recoiling from this movie at this time since a cerebral effect involves more mockery and laughter than anything. But if the overall product was to be turned into a campy, fully-expected horror movie then it might actually gain a good amount of attention. At this time maybe it would be best to go back to the drawing board and revamp the movie a bit in order to really get in line with the idea that a lot of people are already seeing as a more pleasing possibility. It’s not going to happen obviously, but it’s still fun to think about.

The mere fact that Pet Sematary was used to showcase this is insanely funny since not only does it play on the whole idea of Cats but it also offers a very fitting image to those that have been seen as the main detractors to the movie at this point. It’s sarcastic and deprecating in a way but it’s still funny since that’s the whole point. The movie itself seems like a giant joke at this time since despite having so many talented individuals on the cast it’s still a movie, with famous people, in CAT suits. Some people would wonder why that matters, but honestly and truly it shouldn’t, but it does at the same time. That sounds confusing doesn’t it? Well let me simplify it.

There are ACTORS, in CAT SUITS. It doesn’t get much simpler than that, as watching Eric Stonestreet in a cat costume in Modern Family was just about as entertaining as this movie looks so far. Some people are going to argue, some are going to say that we’re being unfair, and some are likely not going to care a single bit. The whole point of Cats seems to have been locked up in the strange and very disturbing visuals that have been brought into explain story that has been enjoyed by so many for so long. In this era it would seem that visuals are a lot more important than content since a lot of people are so intent upon giving the maximum amount of visuals that they seem to lose side of the content and how it needs to be displayed. The average moviegoer seems to be so easily entranced by visuals that they tend to let go the idea that content actually makes the movie, not the special effects.

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