Castle: Does Stana Katic Like The X-Files?

Stana Katic, who plays Kate Beckett on ABC’s Castle, is known for being wonderful and appreciative of her fans. From heartfelt thank-yous for her 3 People’s Choice Awards, to her countless times of graciously stopping to sign autographs and take pictures, this star speaks often being appreciative of her fan base and it’s support.  

One of the ways Katic gives back to her fans is a random online game she does on Twitter called “Ten Questions.”  That’s right.  You don’t know when it will occur,  but periodically  (and fans do ask for it all the time) she’ll answer ten questions posted to her on twitter!  It’s like doing a mini interview for fans – by fans.  Well, late last night was one of those nights and the fans asks some great questions – and got some interesting answers:  Here are some highlights!

Stana Katic on Travel:

Question: @Stana_Katic Two must-haves when traveling?
Question: @Stana_Katic Any advice to people who want to travel and see the world?

That last answer certainly seems to be her approach to traveling! If you’re a Stanatic, then you know that Katic loves to travel and has been to many, many different places. Just last summer she was filming The Rendezvous in Jordan. The picture below is from a trip she took to Greece. (The actress has a great eye! Don’t be surprised if someday we hear about her work behind the camera!).

France, Italy, Croatia (she’s of Croatian Serb descent), India, Mongolia – she been there and done that. However, in the very first question asked she says one place she’s never been is Portugal.

Stana Katic on Castle:

Question: @Stana_Katic What’s your favorite thing about Castle and Beckett’s relationship?

I love her answer because the heart of the show Castle really has always been built on that, and, her answer about “swordplay” is an early classic moment in the cast’s interview history. If you saw the 2010 Paleyfest panel for Castle you know what I mean, and if you didn’t…you may want to have some cold water handy!



Question: @Stana_Katic Best Memory of the Castle set?

Katic has countless pictures of her on set goofing around not just with the cast, but with the crew and background actors for the show. She’s also known to like treating the cast and crew to special on set meals and food trucks

Katic’s Pop Culture Musings:

This was my favorite question and answer of the night!

Question: @Stana_Katic Mulder or Scully?

Exactly – just like Castle & Beckett! Isn’t it cool to know celebrities are watching some of the same things you are? If you’d like to in on getting a chance to ask her a question, you should follow her on twitter. Granted, she’s got over a half-million followers, so you’ve got low odds. However, as Katic’s star keeps rising, you probably should get in now to take your shot!

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