Castle: 4.16 “Linchpin” Review

Castle: 4.16 “Linchpin” Review

Castle: 4.16 “Linchpin” ReviewWhen Castle ended last night, I thought ‘damn, that was a really good episode with a really crappy ending’. I even posted it on Twitter and from the response I got, I was obviously not alone in my reaction to ‘Linchpin’. I have to say that I liked it a little bit better than last week’s ‘Pandora’. It was fast-paced, suspenseful and I really, really loved Jennifer Beals — and I am not even a fan.

My problem with it was that it felt like it was forty minutes of adrenaline and suspense and then nothing. As someone I was chatting with last night put it, I felt completely underwhelmed by that ending. I am not even going to discuss the case (because that didn’t make any sense to me and it was just a tiny little bit farfetched), but I really liked the vibe of the episode. I called it from the get go that the traitor would be Danberg and when he was outted as such I was equal parts proud of myself and disappointed because I had called it since the beginning of ‘Pandora’.

Castle: 4.16 “Linchpin” ReviewThen when Sophia was revealed to be the real traitor, I felt betrayed. Because you know what, I really liked her and, in the end, she manipulated me too. That’s why I absolutely loved Jennifer Beals’performance in this two-parter because she made me hate her and love her all at once and when she was killed, I felt a little bit like Castle did.

So yeah, it was an action-packed episode and the hour flew by. Then when you think finally something is going to happen to move Castle and Beckett along, they give us a shoulder bump. Let me say it again: after four seasons, they give us a shoulder bump. Really, TPTB? Really? Not to mention that little quip from Sophia to Beckett, that she wished she had never slept with Castle in order to keep that simmering tension going. Seriously? Seriously? How many more near death situations will they have to face for one of them to break and do something? I am starting to think that the catalyst will have to be the apocalypse by the way things are going. What worries me is that we have only what, six episodes left until the finale? This is usually the time when we have a string of filler episodes until an explosive season finale and I honestly think they are just going to stall until then.

Because if you stop and think about it, we have several loose ends now that they are going to have to address at some point (hopefully still in season 4): Beckett’s secret, Castle’s secret, Johanna Beckett’s case and now Castle’s father. About the last one, I really, really hope that it doesn’t turn out that he is a big shot CIA agent who was behind this whole op in ‘Linchpin’. Because, honestly, TPTB, that would be spectacularly jumping the shark in my opinion. So for now, I am going to refrain from throwing out there any theories about Castle’s father, but feel free to discuss them in the comments section.

All in all, ‘Linchpin’was a good episode, but it was far from being as amazing as the season 2 two-parter with Dana Delaney. I have to comment on the opening scene with them in the car which was pretty awesome and probably one of my favorite moments of the episode. Don’t even get me started on Beckett’s jealousy — that while it was somewhat justified — by the end of the episode, it was verging on downright childish.

But I am willing to overlook it, so ‘Linchpin’gets a B+ for me.

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