The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam’s Life is Changing

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam’s Life is Changing

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Liam’s Life is Changing

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are going to see things take a very ugly turn in the coming weeks, which is not much of a shocker to anyone who ever watches this show. There turns out to be a very situational problem for Liam. He might be uninvolved in his marriage to Steffy at this point, but he is very much involved in his marriage to Hope and all that it entails. And they will have a very rocky future when Liam is still questioning his father about Steffy. You see, he should not care anymore who his ex-wife is seeing, and Liam knows that. But Bill will work very hard to make sure that his son thinks that he is seeing his ex-wife.

And he will use a painting he has at the cliff house to make sure Liam thinks that they are still together. You see, we think this is where Bill is making a mistake. He should let it go with Liam right now, but the idea that he has to make his own son jealous by rubbing it into his face that Steffy is still seeing him is too much. He shouldn’t get Liam to care. This is all he is accomplishing. He’s not making sure that Liam stays far away from Steffy to give him more of a chance. He’s making him angry; and all that does is make him think of Steffy and their own marriage more.

You see, he’s only making his son think more of Steffy. The best thing Bill could do is let it go and not allow this to become a problem. He’s not making Liam want nothing to do with her. He’s only making him want to spend more time with her, to be with her, and to make things work for himself. There is not much he can do to get this situation under control if he can’t let his pride stop and his ego calm down. He’s making his own plan worse, and he’s too boastful to even realize what he’s doing.

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