The Five Best Disney Movie Soundtracks of All-Time

The Five Best Disney Movie Soundtracks of All-Time

Disney has come out with some solid soundtracks over the years but depending on who you listen to the best could include those that sold more albums or those that people tend to favor the most or those that a lot of people will admit to singing on a regular basis. “Best” is a very subjective term that too many people think means that something that is written down is ironclad and that’s just the way it is. In truth it’s hard to gauge them all on success since so many of Disney’s animated films have found massive success on the screen and on the music charts. A lot of songs are still treasured by adults and kids alike since Disney is so multi-generational. But one thing is for certain, there are those movies that are far more memorable for their entire soundtrack than others, and below are just a few that could stand out as the best.

Here are some of the best Disney soundtracks ever recorded.

5. Aladdin

Aladdin really benefited from having Robin Williams as part of the cast. If you’ll note when he was gone for the sequel the film didn’t really do that well. The Genie’s voice fell kind of flat and the whole thing just kind of went downhill. While Williams wasn’t the only star in the cast he made the movie so electric simply by his presence that it came off as one of the best animated movies that Disney had ever put out at that point. The soundtrack to the movie featured only a few really favorite songs that managed to create a buzz among fans, but the film itself was something that was just amazing for its time.

4. Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast has been a favorite of many since it came out, and in fact the whole idea of the story has been a great favorite for a long, long time. But once it was put forth by Disney the popularity only increased, and thanks to the live action movie it continued to increase as a favorite. The music is charming, light, and for the most part fun to sing along with and easy to understand. Kids also happen to like the magic that it brings since in few other movies is there the chance to really get into the film on a level such as this. Talking animals is one thing, but talking clocks and candelabras is something else.

3. The Little Mermaid

There were little kids singing Under the Sea for days on end when this movie came out and for years after. The Little Mermaid is a show that some adults had an issue with largely because of the subject matter and partially because of Ariel’s outfit. But the idea of the story is that one needs to be find their happiness and then go for it using whatever method they can. Of course it expresses the dangers of such a rash and hasty action as well. The movie is one that a lot of kids still love since Ariel seems to appeal to the more rambunctious and rascally nature of many children that just want to experience the world at their own pace.

2. Frozen

If the Little Mermaid’s soundtrack was sung repeatedly then the Frozen soundtrack was sung nonstop. Let It Go is a song you still manage to hear today since it was one of the absolute biggest hits regardless that it was from an animated movie. This song simply resonated with so many people that it was something that even adults could get into and fully enjoy. The fact that there is another Frozen coming out seems to be eliciting a lot of flak from some adults and a great deal of expectation from fans largely because it seems that the idea is to give Elsa a girlfriend. Whether that will happen or not is yet to be seen but it would certainly inspire a lot more songs it seems.

1. The Lion King

For as much as this film tried to focus on the circle of life and how things tend to go in a cycle that requires a delicate balance it also tried its best to have fun with the whole concept. A lion cub hanging out with a warthog and a meerkat doesn’t exactly seem like a common grouping in nature, but in animated movie it seems perfect since they use one another as a means of support and as a means of protection at times. This movie has inspired so many other performances and has been given homage so many times that it’s a small wonder that it would reach the number one spot. The songs alone are kind of fun and easy to memorize.

Disney certainly has a way of getting peoples’ attention and keeping it.

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