The Five Must-Watch Movies of Chad Michael Murray

Chad Michael Murray will always be remembered as one of the heartthrobs of the early 2000s, with many of his movies going to achieve iconic status in teen-aimed genres.He achieved mainstream success by playing Lucas Scott in the popular drama series, One Tree Hill. Murray also landed the roles of Tristin DuGray in Gilmore Girls and Charlie Todd in the fifth season of Dawson’s Creek. He eventually made the jump from the small screen to the big screen, and yes, he became one of the most recognizable actors of his generation. Let’s take a look at five of his best movies.

5 Best Chad Michael Murray Movies

A Cinderella Story (2004)

The Five Must-Watch Movies of Chad Michael Murray

Credit: A Cinderella Story

This is, undoubtedly, Murray’s best and most popular film. It has since achieved a classic status that’s definitely well-deserved. The story has, well, a Cinderella trope and follows Sam Montgomery—played by Hilary Duff—whose stepmother and stepsisters force her to do all their house chores AND also work in their diner as a janitor and waitress. 

As with most high school movies, she and her best friend, Carter, are regularly bullied at school by the popular students. As such, Sam dreams of leaving their town and studying at Princeton—something she shares with her online pen pal named Nomad. What Sam doesn’t know is that Nomad is also Austin Ames—the famous quarterback and boyfriend of one of Sam’s bullies.

While A Cinderella Story initially received negative reviews from critics, it was a smashing box office success. Was it a film worthy of an Oscar? Absolutely not. But it turned Murray into a household name.

Freaky Friday (2003)

The Five Must-Watch Movies of Chad Michael Murray

Credit: Freaky Friday

Just like A Cinderella Story, Freaky Friday also became a classic. Based on Mary Rodgers’ novel of the same name, it starred Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis as Anna and Tess respectively—a mother-daughter duo who switched bodies because of a magical fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant. Murray played Jake, who Anna has a huge crush on but Tess disapproves of. 

Critics were kinder to Freaky Friday, and the movie received generally positive reviews. Freaky Friday won the hearts of many, thanks to its equally hilarious and endearing scenes. With its strong cast and rewatchable quality, this is easily one of Chad Michael Murray’s best movies.

House of Wax (2005)

Best Chad Michael Murray movies

Credit: House of Wax

A departure from his usual rom-com projects, Murray co-starred with Elisha Cuthbert in this slasher film, which also served as the directorial debut of Spanish-American filmmaker Jaume Collet-Serra.

House of Wax followed a group of teens on their way to watch a football game in Louisiana. They then get stranded in what was virtually a ghost town and found “Trudy’s House of Wax.” As with slasher movies, the group then fell prey to two murderous brothers. House of Wax was a curious and eerie movie that received nominations and one win at the Golden Raspberry Award (also known as Razzie Awards)—a parody award show that honors the worst in the industry. Nevertheless, still Murray bagged the Best Actor: Action/Adventure/Thriller in the Teen Choice Awards. 

Write Before Christmas (2019)

The Five Must-Watch Movies of Chad Michael Murray

Credit: Write Before Christmas

Murray went from being a 2000s heartthrob to a Hallmark leading man with several Hallmark and Lifetime movies under his belt, one of which was 2019’s Write Before Christmas.

The movie follows Jessica, the owner of a music store, just gets dumped before Christmas. She then sends five letters to people who have made a profound impact on her life. The last one was sent to her music teacher, Mrs. Miller, who gives the letter to her adopted son Luke (played by Murray) to read. As expected, Jessica and Luke eventually meet and fall in love. The movie has a lot of interesting offers, best of which is its a satisfying ending.

The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia (2013)

Best Chad Michael Murray movies

Credit: Haunting in Connecticut 2 Ghosts of Georgia

Set in 1993, Murray starred as Andy Wyrick, who moved into a historic home in Georgia along with his wife, Lisa, and daughter, Hydie. The family initially thought they got a great deal from the bank…that is until Lisa started seeing visions, including a man named Mr. Gordy, who was actually the previous owner.  The movie, as expected, had lots of jump-scare moments. Critics ripped it once again, but horror fans actually enjoyed watching it, paving the way for it to be considered one of Chad Michael Murray’s best movies.

Where is Chad Michael Murray now?

Murray is pretty active on social media. He made headlines in July when he posted a thirst trap, showing off his physique. Beyond that, he had three films released in 2021, including Ted Bundy: American BoogeymanIn April 2022, he starred alongside Bruce Willis and Jesse Metcalfe in Fortress: Sniper’s Eye. The actor is still very active in the industry, though living a quieter life than expected of teen heartthrobs.

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