Is Bachelor in Paradise Even Legal to Film?

Is Bachelor in Paradise Even Legal to Film?

Is Bachelor in Paradise Even Legal to Film?

A couple of months ago, filming of the show Bachelor in Paradise abruptly ceased over misconduct allegations. The suspension was ordered by Warner Bros. to investigate the incident that brought on the allegations. Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson were the main cast members involved, even though it was actually a third party that claimed misconduct in the set. Some sources believed that both Olympios and Jackson had been drinking most of the day of the incident and were both heavily intoxicated. After all, it’s the nature of the show. People party, they get drunk, they hook up, and then they do it again the following day. The Bachelor bar is an open bar and there are no limits to how much alcohol you can order.

Later on that night, Jackson was supposedly in the pool when Olympios decide to get in and hop on his lap. They started talking and having fun as normal. The cast and producers were around as normal. Cameras kept rolling as normal, at least until someone claimed they saw something happened. What actually happened was never said explicitly. It was implied that Olympios and Jackson did more than hooked up, with a finger pointed at Jackson for blame. As soon as Warner Bros. heard of the allegations, they immediately suspended filming to the surprise of the rest of the cast. Nobody really knew what was going on except for murmurs and rumors. Olympios claimed that she hardly remembers anything from that night, but then proceeded to file a lawsuit against Jackson after hearing the allegations. Jackson, on the other hand, claimed innocence and also hired a lawyer for himself.

The investigation into the incident produced no support or evidence of misconduct from either party. Warner Bros. released a statement a few days after they suspended filming that they take such allegations seriously and have done a conclusive investigation to make sure everyone on their show is safe and secure. Since then, filming of Bachelor in Paradise has resumed and is set to continue. Although the air has been cleared on set, both Olympios and Jackson are still continuing to seek legal counsel.

All of these events beg to question whether the show should even be legal to film. The network takes many liberties into the conduction of their set and operations, and it has become clear from the recent incidents that there’s no possible way to monitor the behaviors of all the adults that are participating in the show. Not that adults need to be monitored, but if you’re offering unlimited amounts of alcohol to people without the insight to stop serving a person after they’ve had too much to drink, you are partly at fault for what happens to the drinker. Even regular bars stop serving alcohol to customers who have just had too much. If, for the sake of filming, producers decide to let people get intoxicated as much as they want, the show should be illegal and shouldn’t be allowed to endanger the lives of the participants. There are many ways to get hurt after having had too much to drink, and if Warner Bros. will not take the responsibility to monitor how much alcohol they actually serve, they shouldn’t be allowed to film at all.

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