10 Things You Didn’t Know About Athena Akers

Athena Akers

Athena Akers is an American actor and model. Even though she is still a young and upcoming actress, Athens is doing her best to entertain her fans as much as she can in the industry. Athena burst into the scene in 2018 and has been relentless since then. She has thus managed to perform well despite a lot of criticism and her very young age. On her social media accounts and various interviews, she has disclosed she is working on more than three films to be released by 2020. Here is everything there is to know about her family, personality, and career.

1. Her family background

She has a brother, Robert Akers, who is the founder of Robert Akers photography that is famous across the United States. She also has a sister, Zerina Akers, who is also a model in the United States. It seems like the love for modeling runs in the family since her mother, Krissy, also is passionate about modeling. News of her father is unknown, and rumor has it that their mother raised Athena and her siblings single-handedly.

2. Her career

Over the years, Athena has worked in several films and TV shows. According to Distractify, she started from scratch to learn her way around the set by first working as an uncredited character in several films such as the “Hell Fest,” “Instant Family,” and “The Hate U Give.” In 2018, she acted her first credited film for Blake Harris in the adaption of “The Little Mermaid.” She then starred in the CW’s “Dynasty” as a body double for Jessi Goei. She also acted in Stephen King’s “Creepshow” as a standup comedian in a single episode early in her career.

3. She has been sexually harassed

Athena once posted on Instagram in a story she called “intolerable” that she will not accept to be sexualized by any stranger. She clearly stated that she would neither tolerate sexual harassment nor allow any negative or hurting sexual comments. In the past, Athena had a large number of harassers who have intimidated her personality and sexuality severally. She pointed out that she is a public figure, with so many small kids looking up to her. Therefore, Athena would not like to tamper with her content for her audience and prefers others to remain respectful.

4. She has been a victim of cyberbullying

Athena has also been a victim of cyberbullying on several occasions. In one post, she describes cyberbullying as incredibly wrong and childish, adding that it hurts her so much to see such things happen. In the post, Athena goes on to give an example of a time when she was cyberbullied. She says it was so devastating that she had to delete the messages from her page almost immediately. Akers also recalls a time when a gymnast bullied her, and she had to block the account. All in all, this shows the strength she has to handle such issues, and it’s always fascinating to see a young woman who can confidently stand up for herself when under such demeaning circumstances.

5. She is a model

Before her acting career, Athena was a model, and she still is. She has modeled alongside famous models having loved the profession from an early age. Besides her mother and sister sharing her passion, her brother is a renowned photographer thus could help build her portfolio since she has someone ready to capture amazing photos.

6. She has several projects in the works

Even though she is still in a very early stage of her career, Athena is determined to make it in the film industry. According to a recent spoiler, she will feature in an upcoming untitled body-swap thriller starring Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn that is currently being filmed by the “Walking Dead” alumnae. Athena will also play a significant role in the upcoming science-fiction movie “Boss level” created by Mel Gibson and Naomi Watts as a BMX tricks rider. Further, she will play a small role in the upcoming “Bad Boys For Life” by Will Smith. She also recently shared a post from the set of “The Outsider;” an upcoming HBO miniseries.

7. Her personal life

Several popular actors and celebrities like to keep their romantic lives to themselves as Athena does. Even though she has never had the chance to talk about her love life, many believe she is single because she has not been seen with a man or woman yet. She has not been married since she is too young and does not have her own kids.

8. Her Social Media

Although she hasn’t been very explosive on the social platforms, Athena has ensured she informs her fans and followers on social media on her ongoing and future projects. She commands a good number of followers on both Twitter and Instagram and hasn’t been afraid to handle her critics on social media in earlier incidents when she felt suppressed.

9. Her name is from a Greek goddess

According to Behind the Name, the name “Athena” means wisdom. It comes from the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare called Athena and the patron goddess of Athens, the capital city of Greece. Her name, therefore, symbolizes her wisdom to choose the right path and her bravery to take on whatever comes her way till she achieves her dreams.

10. She is funny

Athena strikes anyone she interacts with as an amusing lady. Her witty personality is almost impossible to hide and is evident in whatever she does. Ranging from her social media posts to her one-on-one interviews, people who have interacted with her always agree that Athena creates a friendly atmosphere with her presence. It is this ability that made her the favorite candidate in the comic “Creepshow,” where she acted as a standup comedian. In “The Little Mermaid,” her role demands that she becomes a bit funny, which she nails with ease.

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