Artist Illustrates The Evolution Of Famous Actors And Characters

The evolution of characters in film and the celebrities who play said characters is extraordinary when you can condense it into a short clip or visual.  Side by side pictures are always great aids for comparison.  However, until today I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cartoonist ever draw up evolution in the way that Jeff Victor has.  He has a keen eye for detail and has amassed a tremendous portfolio of illustrations that demonstrate this evolution.

Here’s what Jeff had to say:

My name is Jeff Victor and I’m an LA-based artist. I have designed characters for animation at such studios as Nickelodeon, Dreamworks, Warner Brothers, and Cartoon Network. Currently, I’m working as a children’s book illustrator, but when I’m not drawing for work, I’m drawing for fun. I am a huge movie fanatic and expresses my love for my favorite movies though my art, by drawing “adorkable” renditions of famous characters. Star Wars is a particular favorite and shows up frequently in my work.

Check out a small sample of my work below, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite!

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