Anime Eye Powers Every Fan Wants In Reality

Anime Eye Powers Every Fan Wants In Reality
Anime Eye Powers

Credits: God of High School

It’s common to have dreams and wishes that count for everyone in different parts of the world. However, dreams and desires come differently to anime fans since what they want seems unique in many ways. Most anime fans dream of having supernatural abilities, while others wish for the perfect scenario of the main character. One particular wish common among anime fans is to have special anime eye powers to use for themselves. So, let us check through the anime eye powers every anime fan wants to have in this reality.

Top Anime Eye Powers


Anime Eye Powers

Credits: Naruto

The first and most prominent ocular ability on the anime eye powers list is the bloodline limit of the Uchiha. It’s only available to the Uchiha clan alone and gives them better eyesight at the basic level. However, everyone doesn’t want the Sharingan for its basic abilities alone since there are upgrades to unlocking higher levels. One benefit of the higher trait, the Mangekyo Sharingan, is the potent genjutsu and the possibility of summoning a Susanoo. Only a few people within the Uchiha clan can awaken higher tiers of the Sharingan, making fans crave the ability.


Anime Eye Powers

Credits: Charlotte

Plunder is one that many anime fans want, but it doesn’t feel like a high-tier ability compared to several others. It’s an ability called plunder, and its effect lets the user take over another person’s body for a certain period. The notable period is 5 seconds, but many fans believe this duration can increase with intense training. The user of this ability is Yuu Otosaka from charlotte, and this ability also lets him use the powers of possessed bodies. However, there is a chance of losing your memories after use, but the side effects are low, unlike the Sharingan. 



Credits: Naruto

Here is another slightly overpowered selection in the list of anime eye powers fans desperately want. It’s the Byakugan of the Hyuga clan in the Naruto franchise working to rival the military strength of the Uchiha. The Byakugan has a unique ability that lets the user see the pressure and chakra (energy) points as they attack. It also gives them a 360 vision range, making them aware of any movements around them, including attacks from blind spots. However, it doesn’t have a wide range and a specific blind spot that renders the user helpless when noticed. Asides from that little weakness which is hard to spot, the Byakugan is pretty much a cheat that multiple people want to have someday. 

The Emperor Eye

emperor eye

Credits: Kuroko no Basuke

It’s time to give room for a more balanced and cheat-type selection from the list of anime eye powers. The emperor’s eye gives a single benefit but has no side effects, making it like a cheat. However, it is more inclined toward sports than combat and had only two known users, Nash and Akashi Seijuro. The emperor’s eye gives you a wide field of vision, with the range becoming similar to Byakugan in the zone. However, many fans believe that it will also be useful if used in combat like the Byakugan. It gets better since both users face off in the final matchup of the Kuroko no Basuke anime with a winner.

Mystic Eyes Of Death Perception 


Credits: Garden of Sinners

The mystic eyes of death perception make this list with its user Ryogi Shiki from the Garden of sinners franchise. Its falls among the anime eye powers that work better depending on your combat skills, like Plunder and the Byakugan. Ryogi Shiki’s mystic eyes of death perception perceive the death lines of every existence regardless of its origins. Striking these death lines helps her slay enemies (including immortals and beings with intangible bodies) using a regular weapon alone. It’s an ability that leans to the destructive side and tends to ignore any regenerative power rendering them useless. 


eye of anime

Credits: Code Geass

Geass ranks high in the wish rate among anime fans, but many are skeptical after thinking about it. The Geass from Code Geass gives the special user abilities which vary depending on no particular variable. It means you don’t always get the power you want and will be stuck with that single ability till death. Geass gives abilities like maximum obedience, foresight, telepathy, and soul transference, and the peak offers immortality to the user. However, the Geass still ranks as a mid-tier eye power which can increase depending on its usage and the user’s technique.


The Eyes Of The Gods

 magic eye powers

Credits: Blood Blockade Battlefront

Any list of anime eye powers must include the Eyes of the Gods with its unreal abilities and durability. The eyes of the Gods is one that Leonardo Watch, the user in Blood Blockade Battlefront, wields. It’s an ability he unintentionally obtained at the cost of his sister’s eyesight, but the effects exceed the sacrifice. The eyes give the user clear sight, far sight, insight, and sight projection, making others see what the user sees. It gets better since the eyes also have regenerative abilities and heal anytime they’re used to their limit.


The Ultimate Eye Of The Homunculus

 superheroes with eye powers

Credit: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Lastly, on the list of anime eye powers that fans crave is the Ultimate eye from the homunculus vice head. King Bradley, who doubles up as the human military head and the second strongest among the homunculus, wields this eye. It gives the user clear sight, far sight, and insight but is inferior to the eye of the gods. However, it dramatically increases the user’s combat ability, making them stronger than average soldiers or characters. It also tends to expose opponents’ vital points, as noticed slightly in Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.


Everyone wants better eyesight regardless of their reasons. Still, anime fans wish for much more than the basics of a better sight. They want superhuman abilities going beyond the mortal realm with the improved eyesight they get, and you probably do too. Anime eye powers are great, and the list above will help you when you get your unrealistic wish. However, ignoring the adverse side effects of the powers will cost you, so try weighing your options while choosing. Who knows? Depending on your choice, you might become the next King Bradley, Uchiha Madara, or Leonardo Watch.

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