There Are Already Plans in Place for an Arrow Season 7

There Are Already Plans in Place for an Arrow Season 7

There Are Already Plans in Place for an Arrow Season 7

Planning ahead is important for less episodic TV shows that are expected to continue for season after season. Otherwise, there is a real chance for the entire narrative to turn into a chaotic and confusing mess that will make it that much more difficult to maintain the interest of the viewers. As a result, people might be pleased to know that Season 7 ofArrowis in the planning stages at the moment, which is rather interesting because Season 6 is still being filmed at the moment.

Will There Be a Season 7 of Arrow?

With that said, while Season 7 will be planned out, it remains to be seen whether those plans will be realized or not. After all, Arrow has seen a significant fall in its number of viewers over the course of its existence, which could mean serious problems should be trend continue in the upcoming season. For proof, look no further than the fact that it started out with 4 million viewers in 2012 but has since fallen to 1.68 million viewers in 2017. With that said, 1.68 million viewers is still a respectable number in the world of TV shows, meaning that if Season 6 of Arrow can maintain most of those viewers, Season 7 seems to be more probable than not.

Regardless, whether Season 7 of Arrow will be made or not, the fact that it is being planned out at the moment should come as welcome news to those who are interested in the future of the TV show. After all, if the planning is connected to Season 6, it is possible that Season 7 will have stronger connections to its immediate predecessor, which in turn, could mean a richer narrative payoff that will make for a better TV show to watch.

What Can We Expect from Future Seasons of Arrow?

Unsurprisingly, since Season 6 of Arrow is still far from the point in time when it will be broadcast on the TV screen, there has not been a lot of information released about its contents. Still, not a lot of information is not the same as no information whatsoever, meaning that there are some tidbits that might prove interesting to those who following Arrow.

For example, it is known that Season 6 will see the Helix make a return to the TV show. For those who don’t remember them all that well, they are hacktivists who have helped out and have been helped out on a number of occasions, with their strongest connection being to Felicity Smoak. Besides Helix, it is known that there will also be a two-episode special focused on the background of Slade Wilson, whose current relationship with Oliver Queen is complicated to say the least. Summed up, there is plenty in Season 6 to look forward to, meaning that fans of Arrow will want to continue paying attention to the news so that they will know when to tune in when Season 6 starts broadcasting.

With that said, since Season 7 is still in the planning stages, there is even less information that can be found about it. As a result, those who are curious should continue paying attention to the news as well so that they can be informed when more information comes out.

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