10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alina Yakupova

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alina Yakupova

Sophia Loren once said that a woman believing she is beautiful is what accounts for her beauty. So what happens when everyone else thinks you are beautiful? That is what the photos of Alina Yakupova have people believing about her; that she is the most beautiful child in the world. Everyone is calling Alina a beautiful princess and angel. For those who are yet to know the details of her rise to fame, here is everything about Alina.

1. She started modeling at 4

At the age of four, most parents are thinking of how their children will get a quality education in their kindergartens. Barely has it occurred to them that their children could start their careers at such tender ages. However, Alina’s mother saw the potential in her daughter and had her begin modeling at 4. She is not an exception since other people started their modeling careers at even much younger ages. For instance, Daisy Lowe made her way into modeling when she was two. Of course, the fact that her parents are celebrities set the process into motion.

2. She has been to Italy for fashion shows

Italy is the favorite holiday destination, even for celebrities. Alina has traveled to the country for fashion shows according to World Fashion Channel. With the exposure, Alina will follow on the footsteps of Kristina Pimenova. Kristina has also been in fashion shows in Florence, Italy and appeared in Vogue Italia.

3. Her Instagram account

They say the media can break you or make you and in the case of Alina, it has made her. When Daily Mail published the story of how Alina is the cutest girl on the face of the earth, the little girl began attracting attention. By then, she had 22,000 followers on her Instagram account, but with every waking moment, the star of Alina is rising higher, and so is her popularity. Within four days of her story going viral, the number of followers has grown to 34.4k. Alina’s mother manages Alina’s account, where she shows off the beautiful images of her daughter. The little fashionista even makes wearing a jacket upside-down, look fashionable.

4. She has a personal manager

Alina’s mother manages her social life through her social media accounts, whereas Roman Kukhar is in charge of her professional career. Although there is nothing much about Roman as pertains to his professional background, he is modest. While most people would take the chance of Alina being in the limelight to propel their careers, Roman uses it to praise Alina. According to Roman, as much as he has helped Alina with her career, it is Alina’s dedication and work ethic that has catapulted her to fame.

5. The agency that represents her

Alina is currently being represented by President Kids Management based in her home country Russia. The agency is not popular given the almost nonexistent social media presence. On Facebook, it only has about 3,000 fans while on Instagram, the followers are only 55.5k. Still, it has a good reputation given that 44 people rate it 4.9 out of 5, which could be what encouraged Alina’s mother to sign up her daughter with the agency. President Kids cannot hide their pride in being associated with Alina as proven by the pictures they have posted showing Daily Mail’s post.

6. She is the cutest girl worldwide

In movies, Russians are always portrayed as evil. Of late, they are showing another side of the country through the beauty of their women. Alina has been described as the cutest girl worldwide. She is only six, but another six-year-old, Thylane Blondeau, held the title a decade ago. Thylane was also dubbed the most beautiful girl in the whole world when she was six. Kristian Pimenova, another Russian, was also given the title in 2014 by Women Daily Magazine as well as Daily Postal.

7. What she does with her money

In 2015, Rep. Grace Meng introduced legislation through the Child Performer Protection Act to protect children working in the entertainment industry as models and actors. As Meng explained to Think Progress, innocent children can have their bodies exposed. Moreover, parents can take what the children earn and leave the kids with nothing when they are adults. Alina’s mother has come under criticism for depriving Alina of her childhood through endless shooting. However, Alina’s mother defended herself, saying that Alina only does what interests her. As for her earnings, Alina’s mother did not mention anything about setting up a trust fund for her child. Instead, they buy toys with Alina’s earnings.

8. She has been likened to Barbie

For decades since Barbie was introduced, the doll has become the ultimate idea of what girls hope to be, even going as far as becoming anorexic to flaunt a small waist. Barbie has always come under criticism. If it is not the lack of diversity, then it is the FBI saying it can be used to promote child pornography. That has not stopped the Barbie doll from being the most profitable and largest line of Mattel. The undeniable beauty of Alina has therefore been likened to that of Barbie.

9. Brands she has worked for

Alina is only six but has worked with leading brands that most models may never get to endorse in their careers. One of the brands is Gloria Jeans which owns and operates 600 stores in not only Russia but also Georgia, Ukraine and Belarus. Alina has also modeled for Monalisa Kids, a celebrated kids fashion collection with a very high rating of 9 out of 10. Yudashkin kids sought Alina to model their clothes while fashion magazines, Grazia and Instyle, have also flaunted her photos in their pages.

10. Her interests

Alina, despite her newfound fame, still behaves like any other six-year-old. She, therefore, loves spending time with animals. On her Instagram, you can see her holding a puppy and standing next to a cat. Alina loves for since there is a picture of her ready to play her violin.

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