10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alex Sturman

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Alex Sturman

Alex Sturman

Will Smith once said you have to differentiate those who are fanning your flames from those stealing your light. Alex Sturman, unfortunately, heeded the advice of those who were throwing water on her fire, but later, she tapped into her talent to become the renowned actress she is today. In all the movies she has been cast, Alex gets to be the lead, which must tell you that she is doing something right. You might have seen her in “Supernatural,” and if you are wondering who she is, here is everything about her.

1. She loves playing tough women

You might be surprised to learn that Alex has skills in stunts and fighting. Unlike actresses, who usually have martial arts training for a specific role, Alex wanted to be an all-rounded actress, ready to assume whichever character came her way. Therefore, among her favorite parts, Alex cites characters who can handle their business and know how to fight as those who impress her. Consequently when she was cast in “Eye for an Eye” in 2017 where she is the lead, Alex could not have been happier. Her character was a disavowed CIA agent, and perhaps what endeared her to the role was the fact that she got do her own stunts.

2. The character she loves most

For many actors, it is all about bringing the character presented to them in the best way possible. For Alex, when her agent handed her the script for “Valley Slice,” Alex felt that destiny conspired to get her that specific role. Among all the characters she has ever played, being Frankie in “Valley Slice” was the strongest she has ever felt for a role. What farther made her love the role is that each episode had a unique adventure and delivery, which she attributed to the independent investors who allowed a lot of creativity.

3. She was discouraged from pursuing acting professionally

Alex developed an interest in acting as a child, and maybe her career would have kicked off much sooner had she been relentless in her pursuit. However, as a child, she was still being molded, and her mind was too young to allow Alex to make her own decisions. Those who were close to her discouraged her from taking up the acting career seriously. Alex listened and lost her interest in the art.

4. What prompted her to take acting seriously?

After permitting third parties to stop her from taking up her interest, Alex still found her calling in high school. She was interested enough to audition for the role of Nurse Ratched in a play titled “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.” However, she got to be Chief Bromden, a character that she felt was not suitable for her. With time, she realized it resonated with her so much that her interest in acting was rekindled.

5. She wants to be a film director someday

Even if Alex had not ended up as an actress, she most probably would have been a writer since her family pushed towards it. They must have known her well because, currently, the actress is in the process of writing her own feature film. Besides being the writer, Alex hopes to be the film’s director once she is done. Alex confessed through her interview with Nerd Alert News that she has always been a writer hence being able to bring to life her many ideas must be an exciting opportunity.

6. Her theatre debut

Alex’s acting abilities have never been questioned since, even with her New York theatre debut, she got to be the lead. Her debut came through the play by William Shakespeare “The Taming of the Shrew,” where she was cast as Katherine. The play dates back to the 16th century since it is believed to have penned down between 1590 and 1592, but it has never lost its touch. It is especially relevant in this progressive society where gender equality may have resulted in some women behaving like the headstrong Katherine. The play, therefore, has been adapted for musical theater, ballet, opera, and screen.

7. She has undergone intensive training to be an actor

Alex was determined to be the best actress there ever was, and that meant training in various techniques. Therefore in 2011, she went to Amy Gossells to be trained in commercials. In the same year, Alex also undertook acting for a camera course in F&M under the guidance of Matthew Mazourouski. The next year, Alex studied Technique at The New Actors Workshop. Still pushing for herself to excel in her chosen profession, Alex continued to take various other courses in The Shed, Ruskin School, Annie Grindlay Studios, among many other institutions.

8. She lives a private life

For most celebrities, we will know what they ate for breakfast the minute we log into our Instagram accounts. It is the public attention that keeps them going; however, Alex is cut from a different cloth; hence, she barely posts anything regarding her personal life. There is hardly anything about her family background, net worth, or dating life. Due to her preference for a low-key life, even any scandal revolving around the actress is hard to come by; if at all she has been involved in any.

9. She is a member of SAG-AFTRA

Alex is taking her acting profession seriously, as evidenced by her decision to join SAG-AFTRA, which provides benefits such as pension plans, retirement funds, and health plans for its members. It is these benefits that have attracted about 160,000 members drawn from the film, media, and other entertainment platforms. No wonder the SAG-AFTRA website describes membership as a rite of passage for any performer.

10. Her achievements as an actor

To be recognized for any award is an achievement on its own, and Alex won a Maverick Movie Award for best actress in “Pretty Ass White Girl: Day 12.” The award was founded in 2004 and every year, and it honors screenplays and films for exceptional craftsmanship. For the same movie, Alex was a nominee for the best actor by the Independent Pilot Competition. 2018 was a terrific year because she also got nominated for a Festival Award in the best actress category.

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