10 Fascinating Facts About Rising Hollywood Star Alana de Freitas

10 Fascinating Facts About Rising Hollywood Star Alana de Freitas

10 Fascinating Facts About Rising Hollywood Star Alana de Freitas

Alana de Freitas is a talented Australian actress making her mark in the US. With several feature films under her belt, she’s quickly ascending the Hollywood ladder. Her latest film, ‘Before the Dawn,’ is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

A Childhood Surrounded by Rescued Animals

Growing up, Alana’s mother was an active member of the Australian animal rescue organization Rescued with Love. Consequently, their family often fostered numerous dogs simultaneously. It wasn’t unusual for them to have seven or more dogs at once, along with a variety of other pets, including birds, fish, mice, lizards, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, a turtle, and even an axolotl. Alana fondly recalls, “I loved growing up with so many pets! It feels so odd to me when I’m living somewhere with no animals. I find them so comforting and calming.”

Her First Role in ‘Queen of the Damned’

As a young teenager, Alana landed the role of a goth concertgoer in Michael Rymer’s 2002 vampire film, ‘Queen of the Damned,’ starring Stuart Townsend and Aaliyah. Witnessing the grand scale of the production only intensified her passion for show business. “I was just so in awe of everything. I mean this wasn’t just a film; this was a big film putting on a huge rock concert. I don’t even know if I’d ever been to a concert before that. It was so amazing to get to experience.”

Living with a Kidney Condition

In 2017, Alana developed a severe kidney infection that nearly led to surgery. It was then discovered that she had been born with a congenital kidney blockage, causing her kidneys to function less efficiently than normal. This condition can result in the need for surgery or a transplant later in life and is typically detected in the womb and treated early in life. “I just have to be careful to make sure I look after myself. Watch my alcohol intake. Drink lots of water. I’m pretty on top of it.”

A Multitalented Writer and Producer

Alana not only starred in the feature film ‘Before the Dawn,’ but she also wrote and produced it alongside Jared Scott. She has written several short films that have found success on the festival circuit and currently has a horror screenplay and a #metoo-themed documentary in development. “Before the Dawn was the first feature screenplay that I had written, so I’m very proud that we were able to get it into production.”

Royal Heritage in Her Blood

The de Freitas family name originates from Portuguese aristocracy. “I believe there is a Marquess somewhere in my lineage. Unfortunately, Portugal is no longer a monarchy, so my nobility seems to have gone down the gurgler.”

Secretly Wishing to Be a Singer

Alana loves singing everywhere: in the shower, in the car, around the house. “If I could do anything, I would be a singer. But I’m pretty much tone-deaf. My singing voice is woeful, but I just don’t care because I derive so much joy from singing. I’m not musically inclined in any way, unfortunately.”

A Passion for Conspiracy Theories

“I think part of being creative is that you have a very healthy, if not somewhat overactive imagination. I love getting lost in a wormhole of conspiracy theory videos on YouTube. I get really into it, and then at some point, I realize hours have gone by, and I have to drag myself back to reality.”

From Finance and Beauty to Acting

Before pursuing acting full-time, Alana worked in finance for seven years, managing multimillion-dollar mortgage portfolios across Australia and New Zealand. “I kind of just fell into finance. I’d had no interest in it. I just took an entry-level job in a call center because I needed a job. Then I started to enjoy the industry and became determined to work my way up, which I did. I think a lot of my producing skills come from my time managing projects and leading teams of people in finance.” Prior to her finance career, Alana worked in the beauty industry, performing pre and post-operative treatments for cosmetic and plastic surgeons. “But my first proper job was in a candle shop when I was seventeen. I made some great friends in that job who are still a part of my life today.”

Arachnophobia: A Fear of Spiders

Alana has been afraid of creepy crawlies since childhood. “I remember seeing a cobweb between two rose bushes at my auntie’s house. There was this big curled leaf on the web, and I could see the legs of a huge spider sticking out. I then started playing on the nearby swing set. When I finished, I looked at the cobweb, and it had been gashed down the middle. I instantly realized that my hair had ripped through it as I was swinging. I ran around hysterically, screaming, convinced that the spider was in my hair. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that!”

Once Dreamed of Becoming a Nun

Alana attended Catholic school throughout her education. “As a kid, I remember thinking how great it would be to be a nun. I thought ‘free food and house, not bad.’ As I got older, I obviously learned that there was a lot more to it than that and that it’s not for me.”

Photo Credit: Amber Rene

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