About Those Two Game of Thrones Spin-Off Animated Series

About Those Two Game of Thrones Spin-Off Animated Series

About Those Two Game of Thrones Spin-Off Animated Series

Ever since the controversial season 8 ending of Game of Thrones aired in 2019, fans of the show have been eagerly waiting for a sequel or spinoff series from HBO that would expand on the legends from the GOT Universe. While there were several prequel talks, most of them got canceled by HBO before even getting a cast.  The streaming platform under WarnerMedia recently announced it is developing two animated series that will take fans deeper into the world of Westeros. Here is a look at all the projects the streaming giant is working on to expand on the Game of Thrones franchise. 

Animated Series on HBO

HBO is wasting no time to add a variety of animated projects into their catalog of Television Series due to the success of other platforms. Sites like Disney + had announced many animated series in 2020 to pull in their adult audience, like the 9 STAR WARS animated original series set to release on the platform over the next few years.  In January, HBO was already meeting with writers to talk about contributing to their new animated series. At the time, no release of official details. However, with this latest announcement of two more shows, the entire GOT animated series adds up to three. 

New Kingdoms?

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that one of the animated shows HBO has been developing would be about a new kingdom. Besides the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros that the GOT series introduced to fans, another region is Yi Ti. According to George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy book, The World of Ice and Fire, the Empire of Yi Ti is located far east of Essos near the Jade Sea.  It happens to be one of the oldest and most advanced societies in the writer’s fantasy realm. Legend states the region was formerly known as ‘The Empire of Dawn,’ which was under the rule of a being known as Gon-on-Earth. He headed the empire for 10,000 years before passing leadership to his son, the Pearl Emperor.

Yi Ti is under the Golden Empire’s rule; it has a series of God-Emperors named after colors at the helm. If the animated series follows the books, we might see the current God-Emperor, Bu Gai, and his fight to retain power over the Empire of Yi Ti. He is challenged for his throne by sorcerers and generals. Like Game of Thrones, the Golden Empire of Yi Ti animated series might not play out as it did in the books. Fans can also look forward to a more diverse cast if the animated series is given the green light, unlike the original series cast. After fans had raised an issue about representation in the series, Martin revealed that Imperial China inspired characters from the Empire of Yi Ti. The adaptation would include a diverse cast, including East Asians. 

Thankfully, its rich origin story will give HBOMax many storylines the animated series can explore. For example, in the books, the Yi Ti Empire has a long-standing feud with Jogos Nai’s nomads. Their enmity could be the perfect plot to return the epic battle scenes we loved from Game of Thrones.

10,000 Ships Spinoff

Another Game of Thrones project from HBO that is likely to debut soon on the streaming platform is 10,000 Ships. Deadline reports that HBO has already hired writer Amanda Segel to head the project. She is known for being a co-executive producer of Hulu’s Helstrom and Person of Interest.  From what we know from the books, the series should follow mighty warrior Queen Nymeria, the founder of Kingdom Dorne, and House Martell. Her epic story begins when she loses a war to the dragon lords of Valyria. She has to flee with her people for new land.

 HBO Max goes ahead with 10,000 Ships, it would be easier to animate Queen Nymeria and her fleet of 10,000 boats as they search for a new home, considering the filming guidelines to avoid COVID 19 spread. This series will take place 1,000 years before the events of the Song of Ice and Fire books.

House of The Dragon and Yi Ti

While this announcement might come as a welcomed surprise to fans, HBO is already filming a Game of Thrones spinoff, House of the Dragon. It was one of the first GOT successors shows the writer pitched to HBO way back in 2016.  According to George R.R Martin’s book, Fire & Blood, it all begins with the origins of the Iron throne and Aegon the Conqueror, the maker of the famous seat. The book follows his house of Targaryens, ancestors of mother of dragons Daenerys Targaryen as they fight to hold on to the seat and its power, up until the Dance of the Dragons civil war that almost ruined them all. Reports confirm that House of Dragon stopped filming in the UK on July 19 due to a positive COVID 19 case among one of the cast and crew. The rise in cases might mess up scheduling and delay production of the series set for a 2022 release. The setbacks can push back other GOT projects. 

However, in House of the Dragon, one of the characters, Lord Colys Valeryons’ The Sea Snake,’ sails to the empire of Yi Ti. Viewers might get to see a live-action portrayal of the Golden Empire kingdom and its people. This reference will be the perfect setup to introduce fans to HBO’s animated series based on Yi Ti. It is unclear if George RR Martin will have any input in the upcoming animated projects since the ending of the Game of Thrones series went past his books. Martin is set to produce an AMC series, Dark Winds, based on the crime novels by Tony Hillerman.  Since HBO Max is still in the early stages of developing their animated shows, we hope they will not cancel and disappoint fans like other failed GOT projects. 

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