A Nash Bridges Revival Is Happening with Don Johnson and Cheech Marin

A Nash Bridges Revival Is Happening with Don Johnson and Cheech Marin

A Nash Bridges Revival Is Happening with Don Johnson and Cheech Marin

Another revival is happening and it’s not much of a surprise any longer since whether it’s by the wish of an older actor or two that want to bring back an old role from the past or something that hasn’t been gone that long but was thought to be over and done with, revivals and remakes are the big thing now. With Nash Bridges, it’s likely that Don Johnson and Cheech Marin will be able to find fans that will want to see them come back, but maintaining that interest now that both of them are well past their prime is going to be interesting since like it or not, both men have aged quite a bit since the early 2000s when the show was taken off the air. The one part that is kind of frustrating is that Nash Bridges wasn’t taken off of the air due to low ratings, it was apparently because Johnson had grown tired of playing the role and wanted out. If anyone is thinking that this is kind of selfish thanks to the fact that it might not take into account the careers of so many others, you might be correct, but by now it’s so much water under the bridge no doubt. But this is why a revival feels like it will be a bit awkward, especially given that Nash and Joe aren’t going to be able to be quite as physical as they used to be back in the day.

This is one frustrating quality of revivals since unless they’re created a short time after the show goes off the air, the span of time that passes before a show is revived might typically mean that the stars who were still relatively capable of being seen as effective and young enough to make the show entertaining are now getting old and aren’t quite as entertaining as they were before, meaning that there’s only so much they can do thanks to their advanced years. Both Don and Cheech are currently in their 70s, and while they might be kicking around and doing just fine, the fact is that they are getting older and will continue to get older, meaning they can’t do as much, they’re aging out, and a revival is bound to take more out of both men that it might have had they thought about doing this 10 years ago instead of now. It’s not ageist to say that someone is old since both men have earned a great amount of respect throughout the length of their careers, and it’s fair to state that they’re still considered to be among the most noted celebrities of all time since many people remember these two back in their heyday. But as I mentioned, they’re in their 70s, meaning they’re not young men, meaning that the show is going to likely be mostly the two of them talking and doing something that’s not exactly action-packed but might at least be full of dialogue.

I could be entirely wrong about all this and it could be that the two will return and put on a show that will knock our socks off so to speak, but at this point, it doesn’t feel as though this will be what people can expect, simply because the two main stars aren’t about to go running after a person or duke it out unless it’s one of the worst fight scenes we’ve ever seen. Nash and Joe have reached that point in life where believing that they can run and gun with those that are so much younger than them have pretty much deserted the two, and it’s time to rely on other youngsters to step up and do the job that they used to do. That’s one reason why this revival doesn’t make a lot of sense considering that even with the stars coming back it’s likely that they’re going to be seen as a bit ineffectual and well past the point where they should retire and enjoy the rest of their lives. But that’s not bound to happen since it’s Don Johnson and Cheech Marin, people are going to want to see them and that’s what the network is going to give them. There’s nothing wrong with it really, but the feeling that this will be a short-lived revival or kind of a bust is hard to shake since the passage of time does funny things to a lot of people, and the aging process kind of proves that from time to time. If the guys can make a comeback and make it work somehow that would be great, but it does feel as though the deck is stacked against them just a bit.

Bringing back shows is definitely a trend at this point, but it’s one that should think of heading out eventually.

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