2016 Baby Name Data Reports a Spike in the Name Kylo

2016 Baby Name Data Reports a Spike in the Name Kylo

2016 Baby Name Data Reports a Spike in the Name Kylo

Are you first time parent trying to decide what to name your baby?  Want to go with something a little more exotic given that it’s 2017?  Want to impress your friends or try to surprise people?  Look no further than the government’s reporting on which names are rising and lowering in the ranks.   Personally I don’t get why people don’t just stick to simple names like Mark or Mike or Lauren or Lindsay?  Your kid will never get made fun of that way.   But no, we have to be different right?  Turns out that Kylo, yes Kylo is becoming all the rage.

According to AV Club

The 2016 data for American baby names just dropped, and it is full of interesting nuggets, but let’s start with this: The fastest growing name for boys is Kylo, after the antagonist from the new Star Wars trilogy. (Is ”Ren” the fastest growing middle name?| The report does not specify.) It jumped in rank from 3,269 in 2015 to 901 last year. The runners up in that category were the equally pop-culture inspired Creed, Benicio, Adonis, Fox, and, shortly thereafter, Zayn, indicating that there are a lot of Creed, X-Files, and One Direction fans out there.

For girls, the top growing names also came from pop culture: Kehlani was the fastest growing overall, presumably after the singer-songwriter, while other names that ticked up in popularity in 2016 include Saoirse (which, as the children of 2016 will presumably have memorized in the years to come, rhymes with inertia), as well as Reign (possibly after a recent Kardashian-adjacent birth), and Maren (possibly after country singer Maren Morris).

So yeah, we name our kids after evil villains in movies.  Seems about right.

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