10 Things You Don’t Know About Mescal Wasilewski

10 Things You Don’t Know About Mescal Wasilewski

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Congratulations are in order for former Full House star Jodie Sweetin. As of July 30, 2022, she’s officially a married woman. At the tender age of 40, she’s tied the knot with her longtime love. While he might be her husband now, he was her boyfriend for nearly five years before popping the question. He asked the actress to be his wife in January 2022, and they are officially Mr. and Mrs. Mescal Wasilewski. Who, though, is Mescal Wasilewski? He’s the man she married, but he’s also a mystery to her longtime fans.

1. How Old is Mescal?

The truth is that he is an older gentleman. He’s 12 years older than his wife, to be precise. Mescal was born on August 1, 1970, which means he’s officially 52 just after their wedding. However, this is one couple who is not all that interested in their age difference. They prefer to focus on their chemistry. Good for them.

2. Is He a Father?

It seems that some fans are curious. Is Jodie Sweetin a stepmother now? It seems she is not – at least not that we can ascertain. We do see photos of Mescal’s nephews on his social media pages, but we don’t see any children of his own. If he has some kids and Sweetin is a new stepmom, they’re doing a heck of a job keeping that one on the down low.

3. He’s a Born and Raised Californian

It would seem that Jodie Sweetin’s husband is a Californian through and through. He lived in the Santa Monica area. He even graduated high school at Santa Monica High. He did not go to college immediately, though. He took some time off and did a few other things with his life that did not involve obtaining his college degree.

4. Does He Have a College Degree?

It turns out that despite not going to college right away, he still went. He actually graduated from California State University in 2013. He has a degree in sociology. He continued his education following that. He obtained a master’s degree (this time in social work) in 2019.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Mescal Wasilewski

credit @mescalito70

5. He is a Therapist

When he is not busy being a married man, he’s a therapist. He has his own practice in New York. His work is addiction-based. He works with patients in the throes of addiction and with patients who suffer from mental health issues. He’s been in this line of work for nearly two decades.

6. He Is a New Stepfather

He might not have children of his own that we can find anywhere, but he has stepchildren now that he’s married to Sweetin. We should mention that while we have no idea if he was ever married in the past, she has been. In fact, this is her fourth marriage. She also has two kids from two previous marriages. She welcomed Zoie in 2008 with her second husband. She welcomed Beatrix in 2010 with her third husband.

7. He Was in A Long Distance Relationship

They did the long-distance thing for the first three years of his relationship with Sweetin. He lived in New York. She lived in California. While they no longer dating across the country, they seem to have things figured out privately. We aren’t sure if he lives in California or if she’s moved to New York, or if they split their time. Whatever they are doing works for them.

8. He is Doing Well

In case any of her longtime fans worry that her new husband is only in it for the money – isn’t that the rumor when anyone non-famous marries someone famous? – it’s not the case. She’s a wealthy millionaire, and he is a wealthy millionaire on his own. They are individually doing well in terms of their own net worth, so there is no reason for them to marry for money.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Mescal Wasilewski

credit @mescalito70

9. He Met his Wife Through Mutual Friends

It’s easy to assume that because the actress is a recovering addict, she met her husband through work. He works with addicts, after all. However, this is not the case. They met through friends who knew them both and introduced them. It was something that simply worked out for them, and now they are just excited to be married and together.

10. His Wedding Was Intimate

He and his new bride did not do a fussy wedding situation. They married in Malibu and had only close friends and family in attendance. A few Full House co-stars were present (John Stamos and Candace Bure, for example) and her daughters. They were very casual about all of it, and they book to look over the moon in all their wedding photos.Candace Bure

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