10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kevin Hart

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kevin Hart

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is kind of an acquired taste, meaning you either like him or you don’t hate him but you don’t watch him all that much. Some people swear he’s one of the funniest men to ever come along in the world of comedy. But to others he’s kind of an annoyance since his comedic bits tend to break down into the same old thing time after time. In truth that’s his style, just like any other comic he has his set ways and style that define who he is and what he does. A lot of his material is pretty funny and he’s proven to be a decent actor that can make a lot of people roll in their seats with his performances. You could say that he’s more of a supporting actor than anything since the moments in which he’s been the lead it’s been hard to take him seriously, but he’s getting there. Even if he’s never quite leading-man material he’s still a great addition to many movies.

Here are a few things people might not have known about him.

10. He had a job as a shoe salesman at one time.

This seems like a job that a lot of people would run from after a while since it sounds like something a person would take during or right out of high school to make ends meet. Having to deal with people and their feet all day long doesn’t seem like an enviable task, but some folks do it for a living.

9. Kevin used humor as a way to deal with the struggles in his life.

Some folks use comedy as a tool to help elevate themselves from a life that is otherwise hostile or just not the kind of life that’s conducive to a healthy upbringing. Kevin’s father was a drug abuser that was in and out of jail so he used comedy as a means to make life seem a little lighter than it was.

8. His initial comedic performances on stage didn’t go that well.

He didn’t have an immediate following and was actually booed off the stage more than once since the moment he came on he wasn’t all that popular and people didn’t really care to listen to him. But as he started taking on various aspects of other comedians’ acts and remaking them into his own style his career started to look up.

7. A lot of his comedy comes from personal life experiences that were traumatic in some way.

There are a lot of artists in show business that do this. The pain they feel in their real life is what fuels them to create what they present to the audience in the hopes that people will see what they have to offer and like it well enough to make them famous. Comedy is no different, it’s often derived from some of the most horrible moments in life as a means to mock them and give them less power over those that have been affected.

6. He’s been in a bit of trouble over a few tweets lately.

Kevin had to back out of hosting the upcoming Academy Awards since he went on Twitter and said a few things that the LGBT crowd really didn’t like. With the number of movements and societal changes that have been ongoing in the nation it wasn’t entirely wise for him to sound off, but he’s since apologized.

5. Kevin doesn’t like to joke about rape and homosexuality.

Making an ill-advised tweet is one thing but Kevin doesn’t joke about rape or homosexuality. It’s a very touchy subject in this day and age and despite the fact that joking around and making light of certain subjects is supposed to take some of the sting out of them. There are simply too many individuals that don’t have the thick skin they claim that would launch one campaign after another towards those that dare to joke about such things.

4. There’s a lot he can do in comedy based on his size.

If you notice in a lot of his movie appearances his size is usually one thing that everyone comments on since he is a rather small man and stars next to people that tower over him.

3. He went on to attend community college in New York.

He did manage to get educated at one point. It doesn’t take a university education that costs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars to really make it in life after all.

2. His attempts at comedy began when he was around 11.

Kevin relayed a story about his mother going to whup him with a belt when he decided to say something funny. Apparently she started laughing and couldn’t stop, so he figured if he could get out of a whooping with comedy it was worth it.

1. He’s all about uniting people with comedy.

No matter what bit he might be doing, whether it’s about black, white, or people of other races his whole message is about unity and he wants to escape labels.

Once again, he might not be your favorite comedian but he is pretty funny.

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