10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kelly Rohrbach

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kelly Rohrbach

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kelly Rohrbach

Just when you think Hollywood has enough pretty faces you start to realize that they keep rolling in, and while a lot of them are hopefuls and can do one thing or another, there are still more that want to be famous than will actually BE famous. Kelly Rohrbach however is one of the few that got past the auditions and into the driver’s seat when it comes to her own career since she was featured in one of the summer’s hottest movies back in 2017 and has been taking her career in the direction she wants ever since. While she’s been kind of sparse on the big screen she’s still been doing her thing on the runway and on the small screen occasionally. While she might be another pretty face she’s not a flash in the pan since she has played a rather iconic figure and is also a lot smarter than some might give her credit for.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Kelly.

10. She was a highly ranked junior golfer at one time.

This isn’t just something you get to claim if you were on the golf team and participated, this is a claim that’s only made when someone has actually put in the work and done what they could in order to gain the recognition of others that can gauge the kind of skill it takes to really be counted as one of the best. While golf was definitely one of her talents however it wasn’t what she was looking to be when she graduated and as a result she stepped away from it after a while.

9. Kelly went to Georgetown University.

Being a blonde doesn’t mean someone’s a ditz and it certainly doesn’t mean that getting through school is a matter of batting her pretty eyes and flashing a smile. Kelly is a very intelligent woman and earned her way through one of the more prestigious universities in the country on her own and has the degree to prove it.

8. She’s been a model throughout her career.

There’s no doubt that she has the body, the look, and the poise of a model and she does it well. The modeling career has so far taken her to several different places in the world and proved to be very good to her when it comes to getting noticed.

7. Kelly played the part of C.J. in the most recent Baywatch movie.

This film got absolutely blasted by critics but a lot of moviegoers loved it and thought that it was one of the best movies of the summer in 2017. Perhaps the problem is that too many people were hoping to see a strict reenactment of Baywatch and less of the Rock’s signature action when it came to the movie. But all in all she did a great job and played the role just as she needed to.

6. Her following on social media is well past one million.

Based on her looks alone her social media is likely in the hundreds of thousands, but coupled with the skills she has and the ability she’s kept to wow people with her various talents it’s easy to see how many upon many people are wanting to keep tabs on her career.

5. Surprisingly there isn’t a lot about her on the internet.

What is there seems to be self-explanatory for the most part and yet for all that she hasn’t been in show business for all that long so it’s possible that in another few years there will be a lot more on her as far as who she is, where she came from, and what she’s done thus far.

4. She knows a little bit of Swedish.

This was evidenced when she and her costars Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario were being interviewed about the movie and she replied to the reporter in a sudden burst of Swedish that left both Zac and Alexandra stunned for a few moments.

3. Kelly’s had small roles in a few TV shows.

At this point it almost feels as though she’s starting her acting career out slowly, though Baywatch was something of a big deal. Perhaps she’s testing the waters so to speak to see just where she might fit in the best before really taking the plunge.

2. She actually went from acting to modeling.

A lot of people seem to go from modeling to acting but she decided after a couple of years in Hollywood to try her hand at modeling and so far it seems to have gone very well. It’s kind of a reverse of what so many others experience but so long as it works for her then so be it.

1. Her career started about 6 years ago.

She’s 28 years old at this point so she’s not so young that she can play younger roles for a long time, but she’s also not that old so her career is stretched out in front of her at this time and should hopefully be long and fruitful.

She’s fun to watch since she’s not just a pretty face.

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