10 Things You Didn’t Know about Charmaine Johnise Walker

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Charmaine Johnise Walker

It’s understandable if you don’t know who Charmaine Johnise Walker is since you’d have to be into the kind of shows that cater to those that happen to love tattoos and are invested in the crew of each show as well. These shows are pretty interesting when you see what the artists can do, but unless you’re the type that really enjoys watching such things then it’s possible that you might not know about her unless you’ve somehow heard her name somewhere. Be that as it may she’s made a reputation of earning her way up the ranks as she’s come from being just another young woman from Slidell, Louisiana to a very successful woman that’s on her way up and is doing whatever it takes to make sure that she reaches the top where he wants to be. As the years go on it’s going to be interesting to see if her determination and drive pay off.

Here are a few things you might not know about Charmaine.

10. She stars in Black Ink Crew: Chicago.

Again, if you don’t know about the show and don’t really get into tattoos then it might not be your thing. But it is worth a look at least since the work that’s done in these places is kind of impressive considering the canvas that the artists have to work with. Not only do they have to be good enough at drawing, but they also have to be quite skilled with the needle in order to keep their business alive.

9. While at the VMA’s she got pretty nervous and had to keep fanning herself off all night.

Being around so many stars it seems that a lot of people would likely be nervous since if you’re not the type that’s featured on big time shows or promoted constantly it could be that you might feel like you’re sticking out like a sore thumb. But she got through it alright and had a good time it sounds like.

8. She was always a big fan of the Mardi Gras.

Charmaine and her family would always pack up and claim their spot on the fairgrounds when she was young and enjoy the parade. One can only imagine the kind of fun that was to be had. She does state that she misses it.

7. Charmaine studied audiology at Howard University.

This was just one of the things she studied and it was a minor that she was very interested in. When you think about it audiology is kind of a fascinating study but it doesn’t ever seem to get as much recognition as other subjects. She’s remained interested in this for a while now.

6. She became an iHeart Radio DJ.

Charmaine was pretty elated to get a position with iHeart Radio since it’s one of the most well-known radio stations around and carries a lot of prestige with it. This is definitely something she could use moving forward as a very impressive piece on her resume.

5. Charmaine sells her own line of aprons.

If you have the notion to go and seek them out she does have some that are actually rather cool since she’s adorned them with various sayings. Her whole inspiration for this came from cooking and always messing up her clothing, which is practical and very sensible.

4. Her boyfriend is currently developing an app to help her with her sales.

Some might think that doing business with your significant other is kind of a risky proposition since things can tend to happen that make the relationship sour when business is involved, but it seems like they’ve made it work just fine.

3. She definitely wants a family but she’s content to wait.

There’s just too much she wants to accomplish at the moment and as many people know starting a family takes a lot of time and a great deal of patience since it can detract from a career and put it on the back burner for a little while to a lot longer depending on what happens in the time a person steps away from their career. It’s not necessarily a career-ending decision to have a family, but it does place a lot more stress on a person when they try to do it all.

2. Charmaine chose to over-sexualize herself for the show but is trying to now find a healthy balance.

She did admit that this was her doing and she did it for a reason to make herself stand out. But lately she’s been dialing it back to present herself in a more professional manner and represent her crew a little better as well. She can definitely appear sexy and attractive but without needing to try so hard, which seems very easy for her since she is an attractive and very classy woman.

1. She didn’t really expect to land a position on Black Ink Crew.

It was a dream of hers in college to land on a reality show, she just didn’t expect to land on one with such a big following.

She is a rather classy, intelligent, and driven woman.

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