10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bravo’s “Summer House”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bravo’s “Summer House”

Thank goodness there’s a market for reality shows like Summer House or Bravo and many other channels might have been running as hard as they could to fill a time slot or ten these past couple decades. It comes with a heavy sigh to say that Summer House is back for its third season and that it might be another moment in which people will sit glued to their TV’s trying to figure out who’s trying to get with who and what issues are going to unravel while the camera is rolling. Very few people will likely figure that once the cameras are off that people’s attitudes might change drastically as they wait for the next take. But that’s reality TV, it gets some people and almost repels others since the manner in which they attempt to get ratings seems bound to go for the biggest shocks and most insane number of twists and turns throughout the course of the series.

What that said, here are a few things about the show you might need to know.

10. It first aired in 2017.

Reality TV hasn’t needed a lot of help to stick around since there always seems to be another show idea on the horizon if one or another doesn’t work. That’s one thing that we don’t seem to have a shortage of is ideas for reality shows that keep cropping up like weeds we keep hoping will turn into flowers or something useful.

9. The show had a crossover with Vanderpump Rules at one point.

A reality TV show crossover? That seems like it might be a dream come true for those that love reality TV that much and happen to think that most of it is real and actually represents real life. For those that use it as entertainment though it’s like two shows for one.

8. It’s been around for 2 seasons so far.

Obviously there have been enough people that have found some value in this show to keep it around, otherwise it might have already gone the way of the dodo like so many before it. But for some reason there’s a big demand for watching people make fools of themselves on TV and cause all sorts of drama. Sometimes it makes people feel better about the lives they’re leading.

7. The same house wasn’t allowed to be used for season 2.

It’s kind of amusing but the house in Montauk was denied to the cast and crew since they didn’t want to gain a bad reputation and become another Jersey Shore or something like it. That’s kind of funny really since they got kicked out of a venue for being too campy despite the fact that they’re supposed to be upscale individuals that know how to behave.

6. Yes, it’s a reality show.

At this point it would be great if someone could come up with another name for these shows since ‘reality’ doesn’t quite cut it. But quasi-reality TV doesn’t have the same ring to it, neither does pseudo-reality TV. There’s got to be some way to describe it though that would make a bit more sense.

5. This show is about those that live in the city wanting to get out of the hustle and bustle and just relax.

So basically those coming from the city are so ready to relax that they’re wound up like toys just waiting to go wild all over the place and cause as much emotional trauma to each other as they can. That sounds like the opposite of relaxing, but maybe those of us that don’t live in the city just don’t understand.

4. There have been 23 episodes over the course of the show as of now.

Honestly even one season of this show seems like it would be a good indication of what seasons 2 and 3 would be like, but with a fair amount of increased drama and a continued lack of inhibition on the part of those that get together for a fun time.

3. There’s going to be drama.

This is just a given since it’s like saying that the moment you walk a fox into a hen house there’s going to be trouble. The moment the show starts it seems that someone is bound to say something, do something, or just act in a way that seems like it will be nothing but trouble.

2. It’s another show about insanely wealthy folks and their dating issues.

That about says it all since a lot of reality shows are either about the wealthy that have massive issues but play it off like everything is great, or those that are seemingly so poor and destitute that people almost feel sorry for them.

1. Let’s say it plainly, it’s an upscale version of Jersey Shore.

That’s about it. This is part of the reason the show got kicked out of the first house, because the town actually didn’t want them making a mockery of them on TV.

It doesn’t say much for Jersey Shore, but then again it seems like most reality shows say enough when it comes to the lot of them.

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