Five Predictions We’re Making About The Expanse Season 4

Five Predictions We’re Making About The Expanse Season 4

Some folks might be wondering just what is meant by ‘season 4‘ of The Expanse since the SyFy channel went ahead and dumped the show right? Well just in case that happened you might want to remember, or at least look online and discover, that The Expanse was picked up by Amazon Prime thankfully and it gets to continue on. That being said you might need to recharge and sign on to get your fix when the season returns so that you don’t miss out on anything. Those that know will understand that season 3 did leave a few things unresolved as any good show will, but thankfully at this point you don’t have to spend your days wondering just what really happened and will be able to get on with your life and the show as it comes racing back for another fun, dangerous time that you’ll want to tune in for.

Here are just a few predictions we’re making for the show so far.

5. Shohreh will make a return.

It’s been hinted already that Shohreh will make a return in season 4 and while some fans are divided on whether this should happen or not others are confident that she’ll still be a substantial part of the series since she’s one of the most recognizable faces on the show and is among those that people still want to see. It doesn’t matter that Amazon Prime took over, the fans spoke their minds and their voice was heard apparently, so it would stand to reason that she’ll be coming back as well if they decide to really raise a fuss about it. That and there doesn’t seem to be any sense in just phasing her out.

4. There’s going to be a time jump between seasons 3 and 4.

There are a lot of reasons that this might be the case since unless there was something that happened in season 3 that was in need of a quick and expedited explanation, as some might think there is, then there’s nothing that can’t be handled with flashbacks and an in-depth explanation of how the show went from point A to point D between the seasons. This is one manner by which shows are kept going since it advances the plot line a little easier and allows them to go back and create more interest by explaining how it happened as the episodes continue to roll on. It might be backtracking at times but some folks do tend to enjoy the walk down memory lane that finally gives that ‘aha’ moment.

3. Fans are going to quibble incessantly about the scientific aspect of show.

This won’t ever end since there are going to be bits and pieces of the show that fans are going to obsess over day and night since they want to make sure that everything is entirely accurate and fits the whole narrative of the story. Telling them it’s fiction is about as useful as telling someone a brick wall is hard since they’re bound to scrutinize it for themselves anyway. But it does make sense considering that The Expanse is a show that likes to pride itself on being as scientific as possible. So it’s kind of natural that skeptics, even if they are fans, would come out of the woodwork and make certain that the scientific aspects are as exact as they can be.

2. There will be just enough difference between the books and the show that it will be noticed.

Few shows or movies that are based on books ever really translate 100 percent. Fans would love if this happened but if that was the case then the number of shows and movies that we’ve experienced in the history of cinema would be filled with days-long movies and shows that last for months and months without end as the directors attempt to get every last bit of detail into them. The fact that each show and movie created seems to incorporate at least a hefty amount of subject material that isn’t drastically changed is usually enough for some folks. Books are, as you would guess, a more compelling version of a story since they allow the reader’s mind to wander a bit more in a much less restricted fashion.

1. Some focus will still be kept on the material introduced in the previous seasons.

Letting go of the past material to focus on the present and future is rarely a good idea since while it’s not a great idea to keep focusing on the past it’s a good habit to keep it on the back burner so to speak for later use when someone decides that it is in fact still prudent. After all, if you didn’t have that material from the past seasons then you wouldn’t have any basis for the current season. If nothing else it’s a good idea to keep around to reference now and again when it’s needed.

Fans are no doubt ready for the season and will be looking forward to analyzing every episode once again.

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