10 Things You Never Knew about Total Bellas

10 Things You Never Knew about Total Bellas

Total Bella’s was a way for the Bella twins from WWE to break away from the Total Diva scene and do their own thing finally without all the added drama that took away from their story. It also helped that both of them had decided to settle down with WWE stars John Cena and Daniel Bryan, two very notable names on the roster since Cena is still active and Bryan is now acting as the GM on Smackdown. Both women have undergone a lot of changes in their lives over the past several years and a good deal of it has been shown on the program, but there are a few things you might not know that have been covered on the show.

Here are a few facts that might not have sunk in yet.

10. John Cena is not a dog fan.

Cena went ahead and suggested calling animal control when Nikki’s dog bit him on the ankle. Maybe the dog knows something we don’t.

9. John Cena has a lot of guns.

Cena is most definitely a gun enthusiast and isn’t shy about stating that he has a lot of guns, or that he lives in a ‘shoot-first’ state. This of course was in reference to one of his house rules, which was to tell him or text him if one was planning on being up late.

8. Daniel Bryan wasn’t too fond of Brie’s pregnant photo shoot.

He wasn’t too thrilled to be sharing something so private with the world, but one thing about being on a reality show is that almost nothing is private.

7. Nikki was a lot more injured than she let on.

She was cleared to go to Wrestlemania but she had to limit herself to certain moves and wasn’t allowed to push it too far.

6.  The Bella’s aren’t as close as they used to be.

Thanks to their different lifestyles and their husbands leading very different lives they’ve kind of grown apart after leaving the ring.

5. Nikki’s mom thought she was cheating on John.

This came about when Nikki was showing her mom her new home on Facetime when a man wearing a towel, not John, ran by the camera. She had to explain that it was her brother, who was staying with her since he was separated from his wife.

4. Daniel Bryan suffers from depression.

He seems like such an upbeat and dynamic character onscreen that it’s tough to have seen him break down one the show at one point.

3. The Bella’s mom was psychologically abused by their father.

There’s a good reason why the Bella twins are reluctant to talk about their father. Their mother however is pretty candid about how he used to verbally bash her.

2. Brie has a pretty wild past.

Nikki is the one that brought this up initially as she’s a little resentful that Brie has changed her life according to Daniel’s in order to become who she is now.

1. John made Nikki sign a relationship agreement. 

The guy managed to write up a 75-page agreement that Nikki had to sign before she could move in with him.

It’s not all as glamorous as it seems.


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