10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Movie “Walk Hard”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Movie “Walk Hard”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Movie “Walk Hard”

10 years ago Walk Hard came onto the scene as a means to spoof the biopics that were starting to become a big part of Hollywood. Films like Ray and Walk the Line, of which Walk Hard partook a great deal of material from, were kind of up for grabs as the Dewey Cox story unfolded. His tale began with the tragic death of his brother when they were playing with machetes and the other Cox sibling gets cut in half with a machete, rendering him smell blind, which is about one of the silliest thing you could think of. From that point on Dewey eventually gets into music and his entire life and world get turned upside down eight ways from Sunday as the film rolls on.

It was a silly take on the biopic genre but a lot of people enjoyed it.

10. The loss of smell was a real thing experienced by an artist.

Stevie Wonder once lost his sense of smell after a car accident. It’s strange to think it can happen but it was documented.

9. The movie spoofed a lot of different musicians.

Obviously there’s Johnny Cash and Ray Charles, but others spoofed included Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Queen, Jim Morrison, The Beach Boys, Nelly, and many more.

8. Cox’s audition is a reference to Elvis’s first audition with Sam Phillips.

When he tries to sing That’s Amore it goes the same way as when Elvis tried to sing like Dean Martin as well. Just like then Cox had to come up with his own song.

7. The photo used on the poster is based off of a Doors album.

This was used for the Best of the Doors album and is one of the most well-known pictures featuring Morrison.

6. The songs shown sitting above Walk Hard on the charts in the movie were actual hits.

You, You, You, No Other Love, and P.S. I Love You were actual hits back in the day.

5. When L’Chaim visits Dewey in prison he speaks in Yiddish, Dewey then speaks in German.

L’Chaim is trying to get Dewey to speak in a different language so that the guards won’t understand them when he suggests that Dewey goes to rehab.

4. Prints were shipped to theaters under a false name.

They were shipped out under the heading of Long Way Up.

3. There’s a T2 parody in the film.

This occurs when both of his wives leave him and he goes running down the street after them. He runs just like the T-1000 in T2.

2. The ghost of his brother kept getting older as he spoke to him throughout the movie.

This is interesting because while Johnny Cash didn’t speak to the ghost of his brother in the film he said that he did throughout his adult years, possibly in dreams, and Jack always appeared two years older than him. That’s kind of strange in a way but intriguing.

1. The actors that played Ma Cox and Pa Cox both appeared on the show Justified.

Obviously they took up a more serious role for this show.

Ten years goes by in a hurry it seems.

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